Yenti’s World

Welcome to this site.

I have many poems to put here and will try to put them in a catogory that alows you to choose which to read.

I have a few short stories to keep you a while.

Also I have a load of audio tapes of contact with a Spirit Girl called Sadie, I can also at some time in the future send the a copy of the actual tapes as and when required.


I will update this introduction when time permits, Yours Ian.T

For the poets that visit I think that New Neopoet which is a workshop on Poetry would be a great place to be part of, and the teaching of all aspects of poetry is tops.

The readers that seek answers to questions, and that this site has helped in any way there are many pieces here that will fill some empty spots or quetions.

I am a Spiritualist and have many dealings with the unknown as some put it but to me it is a part of my life, to be able to talk to Sadie and the children is a blessing indeed and the 120 tapes recording their ways , answer some other questions you may have..

My wife will add to this with a history of the way Spirit has influenced her life and a short intro to their world.

So to you all enjoy the pieces that are yours and well have a think about the others,       Yours Ian.T

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