About Yenti

Ian T Howard Born in the village of Hawkeridge Wiltshire in March 1942 into a family of eight, memories of these early years can be dated to, June 6th 1944, I remember the sky filled with aircraft,. My Sister was born on the 22nd of June that year and made are family up to ten. Our family was Mother and Father four boys and four girls, so you can guess that we had a great time, though our style of life was limited to our income. I could read at a very early age of three, I think that this was the grounding for my imagination, and ability to write. My writing started more during my senior school years, with the entry of one of my bits, as I call them, into the school magazine, of Matravers School of Westbury Leigh Wiltshire. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15, and started writing in an exercise book, this I still have, one of my poems in there is the Valley, made from early days of playing around the countryside, when a small hole in the ground became a canyon. . Over the years of writing and changes in life, having my own family grow up around me, and then the parting of the ways as some families do. Also the passing on of my parents, two sister's and two brother's, having their influence on my thoughts. Then remarrying into a loving state, that has Spiritual connections, my writing has evolved into a wide variety of works that reflect my interpretation of the things around, not only in a factual way, but sometimes with a deep philosophical outlook with a soul to each and everything. I have through the connection I have with the Spiritualism side of my present life, recorded a great number of talks with the Spirit world as they are related to me, most times through Anne my wife who is an International Medium. These talks with spirit are recorded from semi trance times, when there is a connection between the two worlds, mostley when the Spirit girl Sadie comes through to talk to us using the Mediums voice, there are other Spirits that come through but this will be clear as we carry on through the tapes day by day, I will leave you to be at peace with all things. Here is an intro to my wife Anne and the influences that spirit has on our lives and the way that the children communicate with me, Yours, Ian.T Anne's words on the spirit world:-

Little AK

That I would write something new this evening.
Here at my desk I have spread my thoughts.
I reach into my pocket to make sure you are safe.
I feel that you are in dream land, and at peace.

I will walk with you on the golden sands.
There whispers of the universe play in dreams.
I was here a while past in lavender fields.
There you are walking toward me, no footprints seen.

A need is there to be at rest, as we fold in velvet sheens
Deep dreams is where we can be, and be seen.
There is a new kind of love that we can dream
I touch your soul with thoughts of being whole.

Time can be cruel to us as we have journeyed on.
Now we will make up a new song, to be in our new ways
One place as physical beings treading paths
The other in Spirit, where dreams are fulfilled.

Here we can be without talk just a whispered thought
This is far from the things we knew, a love anew for you
A fulfillment of hope and many thoughts for me
Together we will win, just wait and see.

Sit awhile in the quiet of your beautiful mind.
Let worries of the world and past, be left behind
Think thoughts of only things that will caress your soul
Then together we can make everything just so.

Never let the world in any form touch your ways
Only if you wish it too, as you think of better days
Just let us hold each other’s worries for always
They will mean nothing and make us so free.

Always remember that we can walk on Golden sands
No matter where we are or in which lands
So I will let you listen to the Oceans swell
In the mornings light I shall wait so you can tell

That from this day as we wander life so
We never have to let either of us go
As there is no time where the sands are strewn
Just go visit there and whisper my name.

In a blink of an eye you will see me there….


Perfect weather

Sitting in the summer garden
Inner energy and outer climate are one
Seamless Passion

My body and nature world
are one perfect harmony.
Self and universe are one pure unity
Perfect Weather

Sitting in the garden
Being one wholeness.
I love the summer
Everything beautiful
Creation wonder

Human life Miracle.



Late at Night thoughts

As I listen to songs drifting by
There is a quiet that tends to my dreams
Where are all those people out there?
Hovering in the ether, making no sound

I wonder how you are that you are so,
Where are the aches and pains of life?
The ones we talk of most days.
Has sleep overcome your ills and pain?

I will shout at your dreams and wake you
I shall send healing so warm to open your eyes
Is it me that is awake to the silence?
Talk to me as you re-awaken into this world

Here in the glow of computer screen I wait
Should I bother with being polite to your ways?
Let me lock my mind inside the peace of me.
I will answer your thoughts and send you dreams

Tomorrow is no longer a retreat it is not there
Only the now presides over this realm
I have spoken of these things many times
Is it failing to be heard in those awakened dreams?

Talk to me of things in this now, or past being.
Deal thoughts as playing cards waiting for the snap.
Be childlike in those thoughts more pure again.
I always listen to your ways, be they dreams or of the now.

I have to journey on in my now and will wait for you
Later as we take another tract that the universe calls
I will be there so just whisper my name,
They call me Grandad or correctly Alexander.

Just ask Sadie

My Dear Friend

My Dear friend,

Time passes and I sometimes cry,
One by one my friends seem to die
Let me at least take the lead this time
I don’t mind, I know the journey will be fine.

But my friend let’s wait a while before I go
There are many things I wish to know
All these years we have known each other
I have loved you so, like one of my Brothers.

It is not of you I need to know, but your Sister
Did you know that I always loved her so?
Time again reared its nasty head.
We separated, sometimes I wanted to be dead.

Here I am many years still clinging on you see
Sometimes regretting what distance did to me
But I found that through all the years away
A memory that held you both so close today

Promise me that you both will stay as you are
The distance in my thoughts is not that far.
I can touch you both easily as day on day
I think of you both there in my loving way.

Tell her that my love is as it has always been
Pure and strong, no this is no dream
It is the way things have always been
You my Brother, and your Sister my Queen.

I shall leave instructions for you to be told
That I have journeyed on to a place I know
Just to let you both feel and become aware
That the warm breeze you feel is me, I am there.

Yours, a Brother, and an infinite love always.

A Reason

There in the hush of the evening
I will be thinking of you.
Why can’t I let you go?
Keeping, is gentle on my soul.

I must not say the reason why
I will keep you till the day I die
Then in the glow of the after time
We will be joined again, just one mind,

With your hand in mine.
I see your smile light up the world
In that warmth of time.
Belonging to both of us.

I have to leave here once more,
But believe that in another world
I shall wait at the open door
To join in the twirls, for all to see

No need for hands we shall both be
A beauty that is our eternity
I know that we will be just fine
Two Spirits yours and mine.

One day before we have to journey on
I would just love to hear three words
From you to me, as we are both free.
Tethered by our own morality.

A new Day

A listless day yet there you are.
A memory or real they are similar
Something held as a flower to a child
Sweet essence flowing between two

I will not say those three words as some do
It is not for me to be in this our short time
We will be content as is that’s fine
But always know that I am where ever you go.

It has become a lovely day out there now
That I have sent this message somehow
Where sorrow recedes and joy comes in
To be able to bring you to mind again

Just know I am a part of you always

Hidden Love

Hidden Love

I sit here listening to soft music.
Spirits of the Isles, touches my soul.
Racing as silent tides toward my shore
Gathered, then gently left for all to see.

Thoughts of things gone by, touch me now,
visions of things to come satisfy a need.
Where are those voices that echo love
I need them now, to fulfil a space in time.

Comfort in knowing our love is safe.
That you and I loved without earthly ties.
Come sit a while with me, here as one.
Catch with me our love, because I care.

The gentle flow of our thoughts are divine
Touch those feelings as they intertwine
Whisper our love and our before times
Let them echo in our thoughts and minds.

Remind me softly of those secret days.
Of love remembered in a special way.
Talk of eternally embracing thoughts,
living as one, yet with a great divide.

Give to me a taste of things that will be.
Once yours and my souls are set free.
That time will no longer hamper our affection.
Differing for you and me, loves perception

Let us share our friends we have now known.
Why we cannot let them go, as we journey on
They will talk with us, in the echoes of time,
fearing we would leave any of them behind.

Far from the shore we can feel secure
Let our true love drift for evermore.
That we can send our thoughts out there.
Beyond the reef away from this daily care.

Stay a while, I feel I need to talk of more.
To talk to you of all things we have done.
It is hard to find a place where it all began
let your thoughts ring, rippling as sand.

I must rest my thoughts now, my little one,
another day unfurls loneliness has begun.
Always remember that I will love you so,
you are here, I can never, ever, let you go.

Ian.T xx

A reality told

There at a table one March day
Where love took me astray.
There in the darkened room
You shone like a rose in bloom.

Then why do I lose you each day?

Yet there after a little play
I had to leave you to go away
The love stayed as a second skin
A mantle to hide my love within

Then why do I lose you each day?

I have searched high and low
But it is inside you only glow
A sense of being gathers my soul
Many years now I have loved you so.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I awake your face clear in mind
Why did I leave you behind?
A physical being that was all.
Your spirit inside me does call.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I walk and talk to many a folk
There I laugh and tell a joke
I hope that the joke is not on me
Because I had to set you free.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I never lost you, did you not know
You are part of my very soul
One place in a far distant time
We will join your soul and mine.

Just call my name in whispers low
I will stand by your side you know
In eternity we will laugh and play.
A feeling, a colour you will know.

I love you so

A Quiet Day

My world had shrunk
It caught me by surprise
Horizons came closer
Yesterday so far away

Where did my space go?
My world had shrunk.
I tried to think of reasons
Did I stop looking around?

Friends no longer by my side
Children retreated to hide
My world had shrunk
Or was it me on the inside

I didn’t fear my journey’s end
Lonely though without my friends
What is it that makes me so small?
My world had shrunk

That’s all!!

A memory found

I touched your hand
Something changed
Never be normal again
How could this be
I had guarded my ways

Yet there you broke through
Days were spent
Talking and just being
Afraid to touch just feeling
Nothing stayed the same

I showed you a crystal
You stopped kicking stones
You tought me a peace
I would never be alone
This touch was passing

Together we couldn’t be
One wind cooled you
Another warmed me
The distance did grow
As a velvet moss on a tree

One side only could see
There held to face life’s storm
As your peace held my mind
I would never know
What I had left behind

Many years passed me by
Snow fell then the sun
Nothing could warm me
As you then had done
I hold you in my soul

Others come and go
They touch me just so
Always hidden from view
That long years can do
That memory of you

Will Stay