Go forward it is yours

Hold your Spirit to the light.
If they are the same,
You can do no more.
Love yourself always.

There is an emptiness
It clings to me
In the distance
I see a light

I shall walk toward the light
The only shadow
Will be behind me
I rejoice, and start to run.

The light recedes at my speed
I shall now journey on
Always reaching out
Away from the shadows

This is reality of being
There in another now
I will catch the light
It will be ours again.

Gentle Ways

Gentle Ways

Wed, 2017-03-22 00:21

I walk with you sweet spirit
in the perfection of time
Feeling the talk words
as they echoed through my mind.

In minds passing by
Things call out to me
Things I wished to know,
As I travelled on my way.

You smiled in colours
bouncing away at my very soul.
You accepted that the think talk
was the one I would know

As if we were to stay
Here, forever and a day
The words flowed as a stream,
That bubbled on its way.

Thoughts flowed between us
without much of a pause.
You were there with all the things
of me, and me of you.

It has to be slowed down
for mouths to utter true.
How can talk compete
with this, the way we do?

Stop I asked of her
Let the colours subside
The colours of the think talk,
ebbed as I continued my walk.

The thinks waved
as a flag in a gentle breeze.
Slowly they dropped
Surrendering with ease.

The weight of my being,
From my true life’s plain
Thank you for understanding me
It was beauty, let’s try again.

How can I talk to you
be of this place I thought?
Colours came to me,
A gentle Mauve, I was taught.

Learn as you believe in us,
be taught, just think, no fuss.
We think walked the way
that had no hold over our day.

This is an adaption from the tapes I have,
so here is where I was shown the Library

The Library.

There coming into view
the great library of learning
the inside walls moved
with rainbow fire burning

There rows of books all glowing
these are filled with forever
Try, I heard, in mind flowing
to feel or see their knowing

think a book that you would read
It can only be of past or now deeds
All books are here to choose
Old stories and past written news

The future though written,
Is not to be, for us to see
I thought for a while
Of what book would I read.

There out of the rows
they came at rainbow speed
as I knew the books to be
the words just smothered me.

Arcing from the shelf they came
so peaceful to my mind
the words spoke to me there inside
one sentence at a time.

How long would each book take to read
as at home it would be a while?
The library told me the story
so fast, before I could even smile.

My friend this is the place to be
As the words became a part of me
That is so, the thought came clear,
That’s the way we all read here.

This is not a read, I tried to say,
But thought it as that was the way.
I have lessons to learn my friend
this think talk will now have to end.

Back Home.

In a moment of colour I returned
to the fireside in my room
the colours changed and faded so
my place was filled with gloom.

This friend that took me
on this journey so free
spoke inside to clear the air.
“Just think of us we will be there”.

“Believe that in our love
Then in our guidance true,
We will always look after you”
Colours arrived peace came through.

I smiled inside as they left me so
to carry on my earth plain ways
the colours brightened as the stars
I knew they’d last for days.

I also knew they cared for me
as they left me there in the haze
I am not lonely any more,
As they brighten all my days.

Another “Why?”

Another “Why?”

Submitted by Ian.T on Sun, 2014-06-08 09:39

This sadness, awful depth of nothing,
How can you eat my cheerful ways?
I sense that you are cruel to me
Life and all the losses I have and feel.

Sometimes a place of peace is found
Why, oh, why is it just a passing thing?
The fleeting smile of a child draws me in
Yet eternal peace only comes from within.

Talk to me of days gone by, there I cry,
Tell me it is not true that I just left you
Was it a great plan from forgotten times?
A plan to test both yours and mine.

They say that time makes us bitter
I feel today that it is so true
Started when I had to leave you
There after a procession of friends

Will this time here never end?
Can I find a peaceful time for my friends?
Do they have to travel on before my time?
Is it fair to be the one left so far behind?

There is no quiet voice ringing in my ear
Is it the universes great plan out there
They say that it is an extra thing to do
Tell the others, watch them travel through.

Tell me now, so that I will know.
Sorry not a thing I can ask of you
I will bide my time and carry on
I know our journeys won’t be long

Time to you is as nothing I see
The now is the only place in eternity
Where all things meet and are set free
Pop into my cave for a cup of tea

Come Visit Me

Come Visit Me

Submitted by Ian.T on Thu, 2014-06-12 16:57

I have returned from tasks anew
To the sanctuary that I know
Where all the universe folds for me
Friend’s dropping in for a cup of tea.

Eternity seems out of reach to us
Mere mortals, made from the dust
Here where all thoughts live again
Their power on this Earth plain

Your thoughts have been noted,
The children oft’ times tell me so
Sadie will let me know who is coming.
To join me when it is time to help them.

You are but a thought away they say.
You have too many tasks to do
A love that smoulders in one’s heart,
That will have to wait for you

You can join me in my place of rest.
Reach out with us here for eternity
Watch through the glass into the peace
Tell me that you can see all things

There are young ones watching us
Through the openness of my cave.
Now drift as gossamer among the stars
Across the space, dividing the now.

Glass that you can only dream of,
Crystals glow within its structure,
Where each star can be held within
Held as a child holds a dream

Planets drift away the evenings,
Gentle glows ebb and flow around
Holding you to your dreams always
Healing warmth encases your form

As day comes the glass is fire opal.
Changing to rhythmic dancing lights
Hear the music as aged as the spheres.
No need to rest energy just changes

Healing lets me drift with the universe,
Sending rainbows to your dreams.
You choose, as each of us are different,
I suspect lavender clouds to some

Reflections of the children looking in,
their warm smiles holding your dreams.
See the beauty of all the people there
Never forget people looking for you.

Out you must go as soon as possible
The event will cause the heavens to cry.
I shall watch the future with a big grin
Before you come back we will be there

Sorting things out if it’s necessary.
A choice you have to make one day.
A love smouldering in one’s heart,
They will wait until you are better

Dwelling in a lovely place of peace.
Let us then enjoy the Now.
So much to do and I can’t do it all
Eternity is out of reach to us mortals.

Your needs have been noted,
These things are but a thought away..

Just being here

Just being here

Submitted by Ian.T on Mon, 2014-07-14 23:28

I have walked within these earthly bonds
Listening to all I meet and talking of like things
Joining brother, sister no matter who they are
Spreading my ways sometimes much too thinly

Loving each one as they walked with me.
Yet how much do we know of each in our shells
That we learn through words and not actions
Each a separate entity as if an old mythical God

Times come to me as they drift day on day
People became near as if touching hands
Words became entwined in like thoughts
Places travelled where each had their own

Forgive me out there as I talk to your ways
In hope that we could bridge the gaps of ages
No ocean lapped at separate lands for us
We stretched, minds joining the distant shores

There we knew we were safe in like stations
The life as we joined created a bond so secure
I love all of my friends as they ponder so
Stalking the words to use poetry row on row

Help me make these joining’s stronger in the now
As in future days there we will be closer bond
All life will pass us, or we will walk into its maw
Remember I will hold you my friends for evermore

Some of you will journey on to places unknown
Take a piece of me as you leave, or better just stay
I cannot hold any of you in my hands as things go
Just that I am blessed to have known you so.

While we are here promise me that you will talk free
No worries of where we have been or where we go
just take each other and know we are just the same
Poetry or prose no matter it is what we are in a name

Soon we all will travel on to places of our choice
yet we can call each other with our poetic voice
now answer me in words of your very own
being free and when far from home remember me

I shall remember words and sometimes voice so true
of the things we have done together as time flew
it hurried me to a place I know where all are of like mind
Join me there one day, not one of you will be left behind.

The Keeper

The Keeper

Submitted by Sparrow on Sat, 2016-11-12 00:32

I spoke in quiet tones
To the warden standing there.
Are you the keeper of the stones?
He gazed with a tear in his eye.

Yes young lad I am the keeper.
Why are the stones all the same?
I asked as we walked among them.
“One time in your life you become the same,

The same as all who walk with you,
These men became as one.” He said.
“But I see that the names are all different
Yet you say they are all the same.”

“My boy the names are just memories.”
“How come they are memories?” I asked.
“Each of the names, is a memory to someone.”
“I am just the keeper of the stones” He stressed.

“When you grow older young lad” He said.
“You will know who the keeper of their souls is”
There in the distance a light caught my eyes.
I turned and the keeper had gone.

Talk with Spirit Man

Spirit man about writing.

Submitted by Sparrow on Wed, 2017-01-11 00:39

I have 125 Audio tapes of talking to whoever or whatever,
I shall try one day to transpose them all, but it is a long job and takes up so much time,
but one day the basis of the tapes I shall write.

I will let the spirit people introduce you to what this is all about.
I record many pieces of talk they have with me through our channel.

Our Channel being a medium in trance, whereby the spirit world,
can use the channel for talking to us on the earth plain.

This is one of interest and was a man’s voice coming through which as you will see,
is a little rare on our communications with spirit,
Most times I talk with the spirit girl called Sadie,
she helps the children on this plain and on the other side.

We will talk about Sadie very soon,but here is the message from the man,
as it was spoken to me..

The mans voice seemed to echo around me but in a loveing peaceful way.

“I come to speak with you
The way you treat your lady
You are a good servant to mankind
It is a pleasure to visit such a person.

I wish you joy in all your work
But you do require more energy
To do the things that are required of you to come
You do need to be writing.

You will write the words
To help others to understand why they are here
On this physical plain
And you will help them.

To get on with their lives and live it,
In the right way
You will have to reach out to many people”.

This was the first contact that let me know that I had to write up these recordings.
I have completed half of one tape and a few odd pieces, these are on my web page yenti.co.uk under Sadie’s diaries..
The rest of my site consists of mostly my own writes, a few Neopoet Workshops and quite a few writes of many differing subjects.
I am not of any strict leanings or religion, I just thought that this is a way of getting to know me better,
Take care and my unconditional love to you all,
Yours Sparrow, Ian.T or Yenti..

Only in Dreams

Only In Dreams (On the wings of a butterfly)

Submitted by Sparrow on Thu, 2017-01-26 22:48

I walked in dreams
Feet swallowed
Dust rising all around
Colours crowded

Beauty beyond
My scope impeded
Reeling senses
Silent words

Amazing space
Eyes extending
Drinking with sighs
Memory failed

Where am I??
Ridges of black
as walls confine me
a landscape flows

Rainbow’s rise
as autumn leaves
a quiet symphony
Fields only felt

Not snared by eyes
moving effortlessly
Scene rising then falls
a lullaby of love

Please tell!
You sleep, you dream.
A thought I heard
echoed my mind.

I shrank you so
then on wings
of love you flowed
Papillion mine
here for all time

A new way

A New Way

Submitted by Sparrow on Sun, 2017-01-29 09:34

Can you see yourself the child asked?
In my view was a child dressed in Yellow
“I know you” I said, but did I speak.
I know you too Granddad

It was as a moment ago,
That I spoke to you, and of you
Yes I heard you, now I see you.
You are now with us always

I knew of this place and it is so true
the beauty and peace am I awake?
Not awake you are just aware
Aware that we are in a beauty

You told us you would come
To help us in our tasks here
Yes I said, it is for me to do
I will help you as it is Love

To listen and find the children
who need to be here also
a loss that they cannot understand
Life left in many places

Journey’s held at bay
A call for help noticed by our way
Then a hand to reach out to them
A walk and talk to reunite

We seek and find those Spirits true
Bring them back home
this is as we should do
it is the home of everyone.