Listening to the world

Listening to the world


There is a silence here that reflects the universe

Beautifully strange new things are falling on my soul

Taking the ways of the past, hiding them away forever

There to seek out those things needed for the future

That in the past were held in awe and were treasured

It is a calm life where all the things hold their position

Things that before were piled up in chaos and confusion

Taking the spirit into the realms of despair and agitation


Today the snow covered the earth out there

As if to say look at me with new eyes I am pure

These things are now in the state of renewal

It has been a long time coming to my ways

It is so welcome as the dawn of each day

This brings to me things new, and not held before

Tenderness with a reason that brushes my soul

Spirits of gone times, that crowd around as if in welcome

It is that they can be seen with new eyes at this dawn


Now to learn of how to keep faith with them

In that they have, as we, a purpose to fulfil

We will learn in these new days how to walk with them

Me with mine and the gathering of many as they are here

Look to your own ways and see that they are with the spirit

If this is so then agitate to bring forth the reasons and ask

I will not now dwell in the shadows as before

There is a light out there that beckons me to go

To find my ways and live life to its full


Now come and hold me as we walk along

There are things that I cannot see along the way

Then there are those that you cannot see, we need

These things are not the same therefore we need us

Day on day as we go there will only be a need for one

The blending of the souls is a wonderful thing

It is the future when all things will become one

I will hold the door open for you for all time

Just walk with me, yours and mine








The Great Bear looked inward.
Feeling a vast space, within.
He felt that he would walk alone,
A mistake as to really do this
He became aware of nothing.

Nothing clung to him like a bad odour,
Feeding off of his own self
That could not cope with the space,
Left by the loss of contact with others.
It hurt him, oh how it hurt,

To not feel the presence
Of other beings on his soul
It was good to be able to feel
To experience the utter desolation
Pervading to his projected limits.

To be able to feel this and still know
That this state was self-inflicted
As a choice to experience
It made it easier for him to feel.

Wait he thought as a cold touched him,
What of those who felt this way
Not knowing of an end to this state
He shuddered to his very soul;
Without a doubt, the end of all things.

To have, to truly walk alone.
Here he was being so stupid,
To think that he could even want,
To experience this being so alone.

Letting him realise, that it was not good.
To dwell on such bleak things,
Then I will talk of the inner light
That emanates from the soul.
There was a light that pushed out

There from his very being as a guide
There it was the very heart of him,
Glowing as it had for all his days,
Memories of others attached to its glow,
Bringing love, to his very inner self.

No way could he walk alone
Fixed into this existence
As for all time there he was,
It pleased him to feel so,

The two states were alike
Chalk to cheese in their separation.
This something he could lean on.
The same he could ask the earth of,

Knowing that it would be given
Not always though, that he could see
How it had been given, at the time.
But usually if he asked for the earth,
He would realise that he had it already

It would open his eyes knowing,
That even sometimes a little later.
Something would show him the way.
The Great Bear thought on the things
That he had learned from these two states.

Then with his usual inward smile,
Agreeing with his own soul,
That to be with someone in the light
Was the only place, to be.

He turned and walked toward the rising sun.

A Discovery (Great Bear)

Submitted by yenti on 7:00 pm, 14 Jan 2011
A short piece from the Great Spirit Bear’s thoughts and ways

The Great Bear lifted his mighty head and glanced toward the forest.
Today he would journey on through the trees and glades, thinking of life and of things that would come to him.
As the trees closed around his form, he reflected on the strength and comfort he felt as a young spirit.
When he was held in the arms of the loved ones he knew so well.
Here he paused to reflect on the meanings of being held as if in the mother’s womb
There the comfort was absolute, and although the memory had faded, it was as if he could still feel that energy which held him, with love for all those days of becoming brushing aside the undergrowth, he carried on into the clearing that he had enjoyed for always his own space where all things belonged to him, in their simplicity and beauty nuzzling the grass, that held the patterns of his ways in a delicate green, knowing that there was a path on his way, that although so delicate it would still hold a record of his passing by also it would surrender softness under his way, which became a feeling of growth and love nudging the trees that surrounded the clearing, he felt the giving strength of them, as they held him for a moment then released him in a swinging way, as if to bow to his superior strength. This was not so he knew, as their strength, if they were to bind together would surpass his, and hold him forever.
Playing with this strength he moved slowly away and deeper into the forest, as if becoming a part of the forest and its ways. The air seemed to slow and move, as it wanted to, singing as it played with the trees around the bear lifted his head and breathed in the air as it wandered around finding that there was a record of the ages of the forest, held within its essence, which to him was eternal as all things there was.
The perfumes here were of the beginning, and the end, of this his place for always.
Moving toward the great trees he felt a little meek in his ways, as they were the mother and father of his domain, and that they gave the life he had, a substance and a meaning in that they reached around and felt all things without taking or needing of him, they would always give even in their demise; they gave life to the smallest creature and life forms that prevailed in this domain, holding such beauty in the changes from one form to another, in the altering states of all things, as nothing remains the same as life’s journey goes on here the trees in their climb for the sun; would in their lives not support so many things.
It was as they lived in the throes of death, that they gave nourishment to all others.
The bear looked up to the sky, and sent eternal love to the tops of the trees and beyond.
Where the birds climbed the wing beaten steps to the clouds, and he marvelled at the form of the air in its colour, and the texture that changed as time was given to all things.
Time or was it that even the air had to journey on making its life and giving things, sometimes changing things for ever Sometimes caressing the life forms around, and at other times changing their forms as it hurried on its own journey What of the master plan he asked, as he thought of the progress of all things, as they were of the eternal energy, what of me have I not been, and am I not now a part of the whole, the bear shifted with a little unease at finding that his journey below in his beloved domain was as the winds journey and that of all things that used the universal energy.
He seemed to shiver a little in the knowledge that he belonged to everything and was the same, then a broad smiling thought came over his frame and found him complete, in that in his love of himself he loved everything.

Can we really see


It is with heavy heart that searches the skies
It is with love that I realise, you have gone from me
We sit in Ivory towers, safe from all we have done
No damn it, we think we do, we have just seen it is not true

It was our towers that took us down, even our God may frown
He would ask of you, what of your fellow man, did you see him?
Do you build and live like this, so that they can see you there?
Do they mean so much to them, in other world’s you see now and then

Are we wrong that they should, take them, and you away from us?
I cry for you, oh my lost family, I cry just for you, I saw you there
I also live in my Ivory tower, and need to seek the words of God
It is not my fault, or can I lie to myself, that I do no wrong

Now I must think that this must never happen again
The tears that flow must wash the mind, so that it can see
See the rest of humanity, in every corner of this world just so
So that it never repeats this terrible dream of things seen gone by

It is no dream, that they are gone, it is reality it has been.
Hold me close as my tears do fall, I saw it all
Now let me mourn for time to heal, the wounds are deep
But let me rebuild all new things with washed tears, and brave heart

Clean buildings for the whole family of man, it is hard but I can
Washed ways, that hold no grudges, in any land, build with my washed hands
Let me build a new world, please let me build, so that all can see
A world that has new cleaned Ivory towers, for all of us to be

Tower’s that all humanity that see, can hold forever in their mind
Can say they built these towers, for you and I, and mankind
In a new world

Eagle Talk

Eagle Talk
The great Eagle lifted off from his resting place high on the mountain.
To fly for me is the journey I chose he screamed, to fly with the air holding me.
The great bear chose the earth to hold his frame.
What do you choose fellow traveler that hugs the ground.
I see you walking, with the earth to hold you as I reach for the clouds.
It would be grand for you to see things as I do.
It would surprise you should I tell, as my eyes are the eyes of the soul.
That see all things there below.
I see your life’s journey, as you gather yourself in all forms.
Taking many paths that lead to the same distant light.
It is so wonderful that you travel so.
Although being arduous and hard.
It enhances the spirit, and drives you to a higher level.
I see the wounds that you have to your shell
That are made by all things as you move on in your own mind.
But lift your eyes and begin to see that the journey is of the spirit.
More so than the fragile weak body that you carry.
You have taken on yourself the pain of being.
It is a hard task, that you would chose to travel so.
To improve your spiritual self, is in its own way an enhancement to your soul.
Then as you have chosen then you shall be.
Only know that in seeing the real light, that you are walking toward.
This will make your journey such a wonderful thing.
Cast off the woes of the yesterday, where you did this and that.
Cloak your ways in the love of others, and the purity of being.
Heed the inner self that becomes the reward of your journey so near the earth.
Learn to fear only those things that are not pure in your thoughts
Be true to those that you meet, who would travel with you.
Give to them all the things that would sustain you, on your way.
Talk to them in the manner of a beloved one.
Be whole with their ways, should it differ from your way
Ask not only of them, but of your inner self
So that the truth of purity can rule the pathway.
Lift up your eyes to where I am watching over you.
Take on the feeling that we are at one with all things.
I am but a thought away as I watch over you
It is as your loved ones that trod the earth before.
I saw them there as they played out their span in many ways.
Learning to reach out, not knowing what they touched.
But for you now, who has been told that there are others.
Then on again, to the enlightened ones that seek only the pure spirit.
That you are aware of the truth in differing ways.
Knowing that , then your journey will be harder.
From here, to see what you seek, and to know of what you seek.
A great need to be, this will make the journey so difficult for you.
To know of a goal and to find it is a hard task.
This will be so much harder than just traveling on.
In that you have to be, all you need to be, to return to the beginning.
I will leave you now, as I play with the warm air, call me, as you need me.

I am there always.

The Eagle