A Quiet Day

My world had shrunk
It caught me by surprise
Horizons came closer
Yesterday so far away

Where did my space go?
My world had shrunk.
I tried to think of reasons
Did I stop looking around?

Friends no longer by my side
Children retreated to hide
My world had shrunk
Or was it me on the inside

I didn’t fear my journey’s end
Lonely though without my friends
What is it that makes me so small?
My world had shrunk

That’s all!!



There in my heart, I have felt many pains
Yet in my Spirit I knew the why’s of things.
Deep understanding of others, brush their souls
Live in their beings for a while you will feel.

Never be afraid of things you see in others
This is their battle and they must win
Let them lean on your shoulders, hold them
In your being there is infinite energy.

Never let your energy be used in any way
Let the universal energy bring you strength
Out there among all things, is a power house.
It is run by unconditional love always.

There but a thought away dwells forever.
All your yesterday’s todays and tomorrow’s
Will be there as you reach out to infinity
This belongs to you all, and will never change

No matter what or who you believe in,
Just walk within the goodness of being..

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Ingrained in memories minds we drift,
There in a breath of wind we hold,
Then feelings are dashed into shards
Then in the new sunlight they glisten

A spinning chandelier of love held
voices whisper we are home again
Whisper your feelings they will be heard
even in the greatest noise of this world.

For ever where time is nothing
The blending of days reaches out
Bringing everyone together.
There watch the scattering of light

Held within the shards of a crystal
It can only mesmerise the watcher.
A heaven to take part in the energy
As they wax and wane in eternity.



Submitted by Ian.T on Tue, 2014-05-20 08:30

Damn you all to hell and back
I never really awoke
sleep toiled my night
I couldn’t face the day

an eternal space in front of me
Crippling thoughts abounded
All truth just stung.
Everything was gone

what else could there be
A life without you
Nothing left for me
Time you say, just let it go

all those stupid words
from others only made it true
I didn’t want to exist without you
just leave me, don’t you see?

I find nothing is fair to me.

Shadow Days

Shadow Days

Submitted by Ian.T on Thu, 2014-05-22 22:43

I have walked in days just gone by,
that threw all sorts of shadows at my feet.
The sun felt cool as did the world,
was this all my feelings now that it was getting cool.

Why did the others that held my hand in times gone by,
leave me in this time,
I wonder why.
So it came to me as I looked around,

at the long shadows on the ground.
That most of them were cast,
by the things that were behind me.
This made the path ahead shine with hope,

that I could once again see.
I still have to find these things,
I have been looking with eyes closed.
The world will not show its self

to those who close their eyes
To feel the world and not see,
is only half of what should be.
So I have opened my eyes at the way ahead,

there are many things that held my gaze before,
A new life and people knocking at my door.
As though in the autumn of my years,
is this now a time for rebirth to try new things.

Adorning myself in a new coat,
to fend of the breath of winter to come,
I will go forward now and seek out fun,
As the autumn does not last long for some.

If I see you there in the autumn of my years,
think of things now or then in past times.
Realise that it is better to be.
Than to wait to see,

if the world will come knocking on your door
Believe it is your life for evermore

Hidden Love

Submitted by Ian.T on Sat, 2014-05-24 08:35

Hidden Love

I sit here listening to soft music.
Spirits of the Isles, touches my soul.
Racing as silent tides toward my shore
Gathered, then gently left for all to see.

Thoughts of things gone by, touch me now,
visions of things to come satisfy a need.
Where are those voices that echo love
I need them now, to fulfil a space in time.

Comfort in knowing our love is safe.
That you and I loved without earthly ties.
Come sit a while with me, here as one.
Catch with me our love, because I care.

The gentle flow of our thoughts are divine
Touch those feelings as they intertwine
Whisper our love and our before times
Let them echo in our thoughts and minds.

Remind me softly of those secret days.
Of love remembered in a special way.
Talk of eternally embracing thoughts,
living as one, yet with a great divide.

Give to me a taste of things that will be.
Once yours and my souls are set free.
That time will no longer hamper our affection.
Differing for you and me, loves perception

Let us share our friends we have now known.
Why we cannot let them go, as we journey on
They will talk with us, in the echoes of time,
fearing we would leave any of them behind.

Far from the shore we can feel secure
Let our true love drift for evermore.
That we can send our thoughts out there.
Beyond the reef away from this daily care.

Stay a while, I feel I need to talk of more.
To talk to you of all things we have done.
It is hard to find a place where it all began
let your thoughts ring, rippling as sand.

I must rest my thoughts now, my little one,
another day unfurls loneliness has begun.
Always remember that I will love you so,
you are here, I can never, ever, let you go.

My Memories Birthday

My Memories Birthday- (73 years on)

Submitted by Ian.T on Mon, 2014-06-02 23:52

6th June 1944
I was only two and a bit,
but I remember you.
In that you flew over little me,
I saw the sky filled with planes.

The ones towed behind,
never to return again.
As the soldiers that they held,
to save us, not themselves.

I cry for you even now.
They have told me all my life,
that you gave yours.
Without thought so freely.

My memory could not see,
the pain in body and mind.
Where death stalked you,
to save those left behind

I heard of you later,
they told me each year.
As the time passed by,
that day you were no more.

If my memory could hold you,
forever, there high up in that sky
You see I was so tiny,
all I can do is Cry

My Garden

My Garden

Submitted by Ian.T on Wed, 2014-06-04 09:15

I walked into my garden today
There you were, I said go away
Why you asked of me, “Can’t I stay?
It is not your time to visit my home.

I have been to your home I know,
that was so you would not be alone.
There staring from your window so
It was the tears I helped you let go.

This garden of mine will be here,
when shadows greet winters cool
It is but a tool of eternity, can’t you see?
I tend it so, that you can walk with me.

When the time folds and ages join
Here we can talk of yours and mine
A peace that knows no bounds
Where only joy and happiness is found

Yet I hear you say what of today?
It is yours my dear to blend,
with thoughts and life.
That one day will end.

My garden is open all the time,
there’s no hurry as with some of mine.
I shall make sure it is in full bloom,
there is no time, so it will be soon.

For you to walk with me.

Who Are We

Who Are We

Submitted by Ian.T on Sat, 2014-06-07 08:02

I cry for you out there,
You have become my friends.
Where are all the good things gone?
More pain to my soul does it never end

My choice to feel the way I do
Yet it is just me there walking
I then choose to walk with you
The twirling universe goes on

Dipping into mankind’s pain,
A poet’s simple refrain
I am here they call, just talk to me
A lifeline stretching out

There I find you and love you all,
It is for me to be flawed.
Though I feel we all should be
Compassionate for us, you see.

Are these roles we take on?
A task we have chosen.
Does the task choose us?
As we meander life’s pathway so.

Come tell me true of what to do
Shake your thoughts, I also need
So when do I tell of my needs
Is it when all yours are gone?

Then I shall return to my crying
I saved it for me in my room
There alone muddled thoughts return
I wonder, Shall I stay as I am?

I have thought and answered so
It is better that you do not know
So I can tend to my tasks each day
In my abstract kind of way.

Where were we, oh yes?
I shall help you clear a pathway,
That leads to happiness,
Give me a second, to dry my eyes

Aged works

Aged works

Submitted by Ian.T on Sun, 2014-06-22 08:53

Being Seventy two
I am in a right stew
as all the girls are far too young
to talk of love

I would appear to be a bum.
I enjoy all their lives
as I move slowly around
They are like rose petals

Scattered on the ground
Being of a spiritual leaning
their energy and feeling
would blow my lights out

if I were to run about
seeming not to touch the ground
I love having them around
There is such a flow of energy

I could sit in the dark
and become a misery
but old age is too long
I refuse to sit too long

looking blank, nothing going on
Look at a new baby
Grab at the gurgling joy
see the love there girl or boy

I would rather wait outside
in this they call the golden days
to meet the maker, well not a craze
I know that it could be soon

Life to me like a hot air balloon
you have to work at it to make it fly
Just hot air I hear you say
Shit you make me cry

Off we go into the air
Enjoy each moment without a care
we never worry when
It’s time to touch the ground

let’s enjoy the sights and quiet sounds.
I can’t hear you whine from up here
Green Earth below and lots of fresh air
One day I hope that whatever

I will float off into the sky
on air or whatever, we all die
I embrace the now don’t you see
to carry those that cared for me

It is like a bond we have
we are a part of their eternity
Let us make it perfect you and me.