Little lady,
I will talk in poetry as it is just a way of resting for me.
I sit in the forest of dreams, watching the universe drift by.
Plucking at a star here and there, to light up a special dream.
Feelings flow outward to places never seen, where hearts are lost on an oceans stream.
Sit with me a while, entwine your thoughts with mine, drift with me till the end of time. This time here is all I can give, as later we will relive, the purity of our true dreams
Let us walk to feel the world, as it caresses our feet, knowing that we can feel so from afar, the flowers and trees touch our eyes, filling them with sights, from all. The perfumes remind me of a special time somehow that is just out of reach, but I know is yours and mine.
Lift up your eyes, there the mountain greats your view, a rugged place that portrays a beauty to you, join the babbling streams that make ribbons for its sides, snow that crowns its head, reflected things thought, but never said.
A world of being close in a physical way, yet the best will be your reward in a place to be, Grandad will wait there for you and me, to make a show only our dreams will know, twirling rainbows and shooting stars, a band of love held in think talk and patterned ways, there you will understand those many ways, which is our to hold always.
In the world waiting for us to be, time has gone and you can see me, in any age that suits your thoughts. A young man completely free, or an older one with wisdom of eternity. Here the life of being pure energy, makes all things insignificant and where you and I will wander among all things of the think capturing each thought as the stars blink.
Here we will wander on this Earth plain until our allotted time, to know that all things will be yours and mine as we stretch the universes energy so.
Just whisper my name.

Just a write for today just felt like being different, still waiting for that young girl to write to me at some time.
Today I was out in the garden checking on the vegetables I put my hand on the top of the outside fence and a damn Wasp stung me it was sitting on my hand with its sting in there, My Oh my it really hurt and it is now near nine hours since it was done and it is still stinging a bit, I sound like a baby but I thought I had put my hand on a nail until I saw the critter lol.
I hope you had a great day out shopping will send this later for you to read in the morning.
Take care little one and know we walk together.


Dear Anna,
Just a line or two this evening as you are sleeping I hope, just went and checked, You are sleeping quietly so I will whisper..
Damn silly hand has been hurting all day treated it with Bicarb which eases it for a while then back it comes, I hope tomorrow it will be back to normal, I feel you there with your healing thank you.
Annes Daughter came over today, also her Granddaughter and great Granddaughter lol, they brought their dogs so Beau was at a loss to know what to do lol, lots of sniffing lol.
It has been quiet today I kept thinking it was Sunday, went shopping again, for milk and a few odds to top up our store.
We have two freezers a fridge and several cupboards and I always keep a stock of food in them, old habit from the forces, we had to keep a week’s supply of food in all the time or so they said but they didn’t pay enough lol
I hope that you are coping OK I would hate to know that you are going without food and the things we need each day.
See I worry about you, and will until you have found a nice work to do and that the pay is good.
Tomorrow is Sunday again and another week gone away, it seems to be going so fast I wish things would slow down, it means less time spent with those I love, and they are miles away, and can’t see the time flashing by.
It is so quiet at the moment you are sleeping and Anne is sleeping even the puppy dog has finished her day and is sleeping, so I suppose I will have to shout in a whisper to wake some of you lol. I will talk later, you just be as you are and know that it is lovely to walk with you.
I put my hand in my pocket to hold you as always,
Your Mr Ian


I have been through most of your posts that have been put on today, you do put some heavy stuff on there, most of the slogans can’t be translated but all your writing works I can read.
You seem to be doing lots of homework there to jog your memory, and keep you work up to date, this is OK from my point of view as long as you don’t overdo things.
It would be lovely if you wrote a note to me about your early days and your growing up it may relieve some of those nagging things others threw at you.
I know now that you are strong enough to be able to write of these things, and I would love to read about that young lady as she reached out for this not so good world..
Not to worry if you are not ready to do so, but keep it in mind, and know that I am here anyway no matter what.
I am listening to Enya as usual as it rests the mind with its soft music and singing. There are many I listen to I just can’t stand silence, I can hear my head singing if it is quiet, so the music takes it down a little..
Probably an age thing lol. Hope you have had a great day, but you said you were going to work in the garden mind out for those stinging things they is nasty lol.
Here I shall drift onto the sands as usual.
There listen to the ocean as it laps the shore.

Just another write.

Just another write.
I shall hold out my hand to steady your thoughts,
The sands are in waves left by a stormy sea.
Now peace has arrived there you can walk with me
Remember all the things you have been taught

You fear to walk alone and forget your journey so far.
It has been filled with storms of people so shallow
Hold onto dreams all you need at this moment in time.
A word, a touch, true feelings hold onto mine.

Remember the mirror that holds your reflection true
Each day you glimpse it just say, “I love you”
No reason to carry things forward to the next day
They crowd your thoughts, making things untrue

I know you fear the thoughts of just another day
Know that some will help you and show you the way
As a mighty ship that a journey has to make
You need the pilots to open the oceans gate.

My memory of a mighty vessel leaving port
The tugs pushed, their size was next to nought
They with their nudges so fine tempered our vessel so.
We left them there as a new journey did flow.

As with you little lady of many hidden places
You need those nudges to be loved by those new faces.
I only watch you from afar, I touch you with my mind.
Never fear if those you love are left far behind.

It is you that is journeying on!!

Why did I Love You


There, I felt the essence of our true love,
feelings akin to super glues holdings.
Drifting thoughts, flowing across a table,
seeking the perfection, held in each other.

The eyes holding, shining truth, then loving,
each moment etched in gold, entwining souls.
Where have you come from? I thought, seeking more.
A lifetime of dreams rendered to my needs.

Nothing existed beyond this one moment,
held above morality and revered.
I was just a being, and there you were,
nothing was good enough to describe you.

Now a lifetime has passed by my window,
there you are, across that table once more.
A memory beautifully etched in my mind.
Another meeting beyond this time

An Evening

I shall write as the evening closes into the night.
I will be here always and after just a thought to be
I feel a touch and it doesn’t go away, so I will treasure it
Why my pocket must be thin to feel so much each day

There in the mornings light and evenings dark
A pocket full of dreams holding me suspended
Now I know that there are few that can be here
As I am just a thought away, a touch is felt by the way.

Your thoughts keep me busy as they have to be sorted.
An energy pattern that sings in the rain and storms
One day maybe we can be reborn and just be
It is up to the elders who and where I will be

But held there is a part of eternity


There in the forest of dreams, I lost my way,
Trees whose names I knew, just nodded and swayed.
They moved aside to let me free, but I couldn’t see,
Yet to wander here, was destructive just to be.

How did I become lost in this grand array?
Was it something said, or did I hear others say.
I must break free before the dawn creeps in,
Then to another try at life, Oh where to begin.

I hear you laugh, and say you are much too old.
What the hell do they know, to go, is to be bold.
I shall not dally in this thicket you call a forest
I shall break free from your arms after a rest.

With me I will take your energy, Oh eternal tree,
There outside, no more reason to wait, I will be.
I see in my inner self, a place that welcomes me
Where thoughts and emotions, are all so free.

Thank you forest of dreams, for hiding me so well,
I have to live now, and learnt lessons, can’t you tell?
I shall take your wisdom, to journey in life out there,
You have given me hope and sanity to cope and care.

We will talk again when I pass by,
Just remember that it was I,
That called your name!

I Walk.

I walk where the weeping willow sweeps the soil
It hides me from the world, its where we all toil.
I cry, it will hide my tears, I hurt, it hides my fears.
Yet here I am safe from all troubles and cares.

Then that beauty of rain, hides my tears once again.
It sets me free to roam the world, to seek rainbows
A scattering of sunshine lights my world anew.
Where would I have been without the support of you?

I cannot free you as you always wanted to be
I have to stay within a sphere of my own reality.
What is that I hear carried on the gentle wind
The laughter of the children, there they sing.

If they would teach me all they know of happiness
Bless them, by angels wings they are caressed.
I think I shall become a child again, and learn to walk
I shall learn to laugh, and have some comfort talk.

I feel better now for talking to you with this song.
I ventured out with tears in my eyes, they are gone
I can once again walk with head held high.
Keep me so close, as you know that I can now fly..

Little AK

That I would write something new this evening.
Here at my desk I have spread my thoughts.
I reach into my pocket to make sure you are safe.
I feel that you are in dream land, and at peace.

I will walk with you on the golden sands.
There whispers of the universe play in dreams.
I was here a while past in lavender fields.
There you are walking toward me, no footprints seen.

A need is there to be at rest, as we fold in velvet sheens
Deep dreams is where we can be, and be seen.
There is a new kind of love that we can dream
I touch your soul with thoughts of being whole.

Time can be cruel to us as we have journeyed on.
Now we will make up a new song, to be in our new ways
One place as physical beings treading paths
The other in Spirit, where dreams are fulfilled.

Here we can be without talk just a whispered thought
This is far from the things we knew, a love anew for you
A fulfillment of hope and many thoughts for me
Together we will win, just wait and see.

Sit awhile in the quiet of your beautiful mind.
Let worries of the world and past, be left behind
Think thoughts of only things that will caress your soul
Then together we can make everything just so.

Never let the world in any form touch your ways
Only if you wish it too, as you think of better days
Just let us hold each other’s worries for always
They will mean nothing and make us so free.

Always remember that we can walk on Golden sands
No matter where we are or in which lands
So I will let you listen to the Oceans swell
In the mornings light I shall wait so you can tell

That from this day as we wander life so
We never have to let either of us go
As there is no time where the sands are strewn
Just go visit there and whisper my name.

In a blink of an eye you will see me there….

A Reason

There in the hush of the evening
I will be thinking of you.
Why can’t I let you go?
Keeping, is gentle on my soul.

I must not say the reason why
I will keep you till the day I die
Then in the glow of the after time
We will be joined again, just one mind,

With your hand in mine.
I see your smile light up the world
In that warmth of time.
Belonging to both of us.

I have to leave here once more,
But believe that in another world
I shall wait at the open door
To join in the twirls, for all to see

No need for hands we shall both be
A beauty that is our eternity
I know that we will be just fine
Two Spirits yours and mine.

One day before we have to journey on
I would just love to hear three words
From you to me, as we are both free.
Tethered by our own morality.