A Reason

There in the hush of the evening
I will be thinking of you.
Why can’t I let you go?
Keeping, is gentle on my soul.

I must not say the reason why
I will keep you till the day I die
Then in the glow of the after time
We will be joined again, just one mind,

With your hand in mine.
I see your smile light up the world
In that warmth of time.
Belonging to both of us.

I have to leave here once more,
But believe that in another world
I shall wait at the open door
To join in the twirls, for all to see

No need for hands we shall both be
A beauty that is our eternity
I know that we will be just fine
Two Spirits yours and mine.

One day before we have to journey on
I would just love to hear three words
From you to me, as we are both free.
Tethered by our own morality.

A new Day

A listless day yet there you are.
A memory or real they are similar
Something held as a flower to a child
Sweet essence flowing between two

I will not say those three words as some do
It is not for me to be in this our short time
We will be content as is that’s fine
But always know that I am where ever you go.

It has become a lovely day out there now
That I have sent this message somehow
Where sorrow recedes and joy comes in
To be able to bring you to mind again

Just know I am a part of you always

Hidden Love

Hidden Love

I sit here listening to soft music.
Spirits of the Isles, touches my soul.
Racing as silent tides toward my shore
Gathered, then gently left for all to see.

Thoughts of things gone by, touch me now,
visions of things to come satisfy a need.
Where are those voices that echo love
I need them now, to fulfil a space in time.

Comfort in knowing our love is safe.
That you and I loved without earthly ties.
Come sit a while with me, here as one.
Catch with me our love, because I care.

The gentle flow of our thoughts are divine
Touch those feelings as they intertwine
Whisper our love and our before times
Let them echo in our thoughts and minds.

Remind me softly of those secret days.
Of love remembered in a special way.
Talk of eternally embracing thoughts,
living as one, yet with a great divide.

Give to me a taste of things that will be.
Once yours and my souls are set free.
That time will no longer hamper our affection.
Differing for you and me, loves perception

Let us share our friends we have now known.
Why we cannot let them go, as we journey on
They will talk with us, in the echoes of time,
fearing we would leave any of them behind.

Far from the shore we can feel secure
Let our true love drift for evermore.
That we can send our thoughts out there.
Beyond the reef away from this daily care.

Stay a while, I feel I need to talk of more.
To talk to you of all things we have done.
It is hard to find a place where it all began
let your thoughts ring, rippling as sand.

I must rest my thoughts now, my little one,
another day unfurls loneliness has begun.
Always remember that I will love you so,
you are here, I can never, ever, let you go.

Ian.T xx

A reality told

There at a table one March day
Where love took me astray.
There in the darkened room
You shone like a rose in bloom.

Then why do I lose you each day?

Yet there after a little play
I had to leave you to go away
The love stayed as a second skin
A mantle to hide my love within

Then why do I lose you each day?

I have searched high and low
But it is inside you only glow
A sense of being gathers my soul
Many years now I have loved you so.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I awake your face clear in mind
Why did I leave you behind?
A physical being that was all.
Your spirit inside me does call.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I walk and talk to many a folk
There I laugh and tell a joke
I hope that the joke is not on me
Because I had to set you free.

Then why do I lose you each day?

I never lost you, did you not know
You are part of my very soul
One place in a far distant time
We will join your soul and mine.

Just call my name in whispers low
I will stand by your side you know
In eternity we will laugh and play.
A feeling, a colour you will know.

I love you so

A memory found

I touched your hand
Something changed
Never be normal again
How could this be
I had guarded my ways

Yet there you broke through
Days were spent
Talking and just being
Afraid to touch just feeling
Nothing stayed the same

I showed you a crystal
You stopped kicking stones
You tought me a peace
I would never be alone
This touch was passing

Together we couldn’t be
One wind cooled you
Another warmed me
The distance did grow
As a velvet moss on a tree

One side only could see
There held to face life’s storm
As your peace held my mind
I would never know
What I had left behind

Many years passed me by
Snow fell then the sun
Nothing could warm me
As you then had done
I hold you in my soul

Others come and go
They touch me just so
Always hidden from view
That long years can do
That memory of you

Will Stay

“A Longing Touch”

There in the glow of evening
I feel your touch in my senses
Then you close your form to me
I retouch as senses reel away

Just being, with nothing to compare
Soft silk, of skin against skin
Drifting minds on a journey new
I have found you, I am overwhelmed

Dreams made that float away
Cares dimmed for another day
Please, Please, just say you’ll stay
Ah! Your thoughts joined my way.

Touch and touch some more
Let dreams be fulfilled for us
To me I feel we have at last joined
Distance gone so has the time

How can I say the feelings flow?
I would drown, in gossamers touch
Inside my body melts slowly down
Converted into a smile no frown.

Should I ask you how you feel?
In whispers shared would I dare?
In this love of joining you know I care
A touch, a smile there’s a beauty there

If only this would last as a dream
An eternity without a seam
Pushing even the stars out of the way
We know we are so in love today.



The ice was etched in perfect form
Snow like a gossamer gown
That has yet to be worn

Sky carved from an ebony block so true
Scattered with diamonds to make black, blue
Held within the visions glow

No matter that it was Ice and snow
A love that has always been
That warmth which purveyed this scene

For all time the grass would be green
The only thing that love could do
Was to create perfection for us two

To look in wonder lost in time
The moment stored deep within the mind
Here an eternity of time left behind

Etched forever in those vast spaces
As with this and many places
It mattered not that no one shared

That it was, and is, no matter who cared
That I was here with you.


There in the darkness of many days
A light to my spirit shines true
Time our enemy, has kept this space
Distance bridged with thought each day

There is nothing that can stand in our way
A love of all things not touched just felt
Kindred spirits closed together and held
How can I call it a love of any kind?

It is a food to sustain my being
A happiness to feel at all times
What distance my soul screams
We cannot be held from each other

I bathe in eternal life of truth and love
I reach out and there touching is a part
A part of me that is an anchor always
Feelings as then, never changing.

If only this plain could bend a little
Where both ends would reach out
Then touch each other as we feel
There would be a brightness clear

It cannot be so my love we have to wait
I shall stand at the portal with open arms
There we shall walk again together
As there is no time, I see you there,

In Our Now.

Ian.T xx

4 Generations of writing

4 Generations of writing

Tue, 2016-11-22 00:42

Written By Sparrows Mother

To One I Love

When we first met just casually
Your handshake firm and strong
It awakened that spark in me
That I thought was dead so long

Two eyes so understandingly
Looking quietly into mine
Saying try to be happy again
Let your love be with mine

Before the ends of time
To ease your heart of pain
We parted for a little while
This did not break the tie

As when I came back again
Another life was nigh
One night we walked away from town
The street lights and the crowds

To a little bridge across a stream
We stood in moonlight pale
As there it was my heart so full
I told you I loved you so

I could not keep the tears from you
As something urged me on
Though you said that love could not be
I knew that we were strong

With bursting heart I gazed far away
Prayers to the one above
The moon and stars seemed brighter
As you answered of my love

My heart was so much lighter now
As “I love you” brought a smile
Through my tears of feelings so
Now that the barriers were broken

This solitude would go
I‘ll always be contented now
When waiting patiently for you
Knowing that you share my happiness

I thought could never be
This means the entire world to me
To hold your hand and feel you near
Was to me just a spot of heaven.

That one day that we would share
Since we have shared our love as this
Then let it never be
For you to say in your own world

That you are not good enough for me
We cannot plan our lives it’s true
But love was kept for you and me
As we journey on

V. B. Howard

A quiet time

Written by Sparrow

I needed rest,
for my thoughts,
had gone astray.
A walk in the woods

would quell my fears
There I am one
There I drift
the quiet engulfs me

calming my soul
Legs become vague
Then are gone
Floating with the breeze

I touch the leaves
yet they remain unmoved
It is my way
I see the drift

of problems dismissed
then peace descends
I wonder should I join
the rat race out there

it is a part of me
I drift on toward me
joining once again
the things that make me

The loss of being free
is to be alive
in a physicality

Ian T

Written by Sparrows Son

Young waters

As young we see an ocean deep
Waves that rise far above untouched by reason
Currents so strong pushing us again to the shallows
These we touch and feel giving us reason for a while

The waves and currents are what we seek
To understand how to be
We enter the outer waves not knowing
The direction becomes unseen

We are mere pieces of driftwood
Floating where we should not be
Wanting so much to understand
There are moments in life given, allowing us to see

The reasons and the knowledge to be
Wander into the sea walking, as we know how
Then we may begin to learn



Written by Sparrows Grand Daughter

Here lies someone
absent be thy name
and November comes
their job is done

indeed they are in heaven.
Who are you?
I wish to thank you for all you have done
for the place you have left for me

by leaving yourself
What is your name?
Are you the weeds that live
where you once lay?

The courage in the dandelion
or the strength in the grass?
I’m sure you get visitors.
The birds all sing their thanks

the mice play where you once fought
over trenches, rabbits dance.
Crickets chirp where the bugle blew
all of it of course, for you.

How old were you?
When you joined the fight?
When your friends first fell?
When you did too?

Did any family come looking for you?
I dare not move the weeds
for they are a part of you
I did leave a seed among them

for hopes it will join them too.
Poppies grew
stained with blood
Eternal sleep in meaning

Reflected in its hue
Rest in peace.

Purple Hobbit

A Joining

A joining

Tue, 2017-04-18 09:44

There, I felt the essence of our true love
Feelings akin to super glues holdings
Drifting thoughts, flowing across a table
Seeking perfection, held in each other

The eyes holding, shining truth, then loving
Each moment etched in gold, entwining souls
Where have you come from? I thought, seeking more
A lifetime of dreams rendered to my needs

Nothing existed beyond this one moment
Held above morality and revered
I was just a being, and there you were
Nothing was good enough to describe you

Now a lifetime has passed by my window
There you are, across that table once more..