Submitted by Sparrow on Mon, 2016-12-12 00:39

June 29, 2012


A pain has crossed this brow of mine
Of a brother failing just one more time
The true story may never be told
As there is only me now to grow old

To bear all there was to bear
I didn’t think that it wasn’t fair
As he lay there gently in my arms
When in his rattle I promised to lie

He smiled then left me as he did die
It seemed to take ages for me to know
That it was the time for him to go
I could only watch as he flew free

Although part of him still belonged to me
The secret story of years gone by
For him after death I would keep as a lie
He had no real foes, but couldn’t belong

For me to cover all the things he did wrong
This was asked of me, and still now he’s free
I cannot tell you what it was doing to me,
He always said that we would be one

Now he’s left me here, I’m on the run


Spirit Search

Spirit Search

Submitted by Sparrow on Fri, 2016-12-30 00:44

Many a year fled since I looked for you
That I lost touch and the sight I knew
I have returned to ask where you are
To find your perfumed way from afar

Uluru told me in its long, long, sleep time
That one day as grapes grew on the vine
I would call and you would answer me
Both our spirits joined yet walking free

I hurried as fast as a mountain stream
To join you in this our precious dream
There a big red stood and laughed at me
As I passed him to find you in my hurry

The sun played at painting scenes
Stripping gum tree bark and showing dreams
The greys that turned to weak bloods hue
My heart slowed knowing I would find you

I hurried on past dried barren ground
I searched to see if a trace could be found
Nothing, Glass Mountains seen, I travelled on
To where I could hear the sweet oceans song

As wavelets tried to erase your trail,
It failed, I knew those footprints so well
There the sand told me of stories new
These I followed as in my dreams for you

They told me that there was new hope now
That I would find your spirit somehow
I called your name as I walked the shore
There a deep blue glow held me in awe

Flowing toward me with a gentle sway
A spirit that I will remember to this day
Where lands fold and dreams come true
My journey’s end I had found you.

As with all dream spirits it was just so
They twirl and dance never letting go
An age of eternity linked in time somehow
All dreams and hopes held in a simple now.

Ian.T (Yenti)



Submitted by Sparrow on Sun, 2017-01-08 00:40

I awoke from a deep sleep
the bed cloths felt so cold
Beads of salt water seeped
Tears rolled on dry cheeks

The stab of evil on my back
each disc of my spine fired
Legs useless left swinging
I could feel the fear touch

Hot icicles pierced my skin
Prickles not felt before
weakening my power to rise
what was this curse I asked?

No-one answered my cry
I was alone and defenceless
It dawned on my crashing brain
that my eyes were open.

I could not see!

The Raven

Still Searching

The raven of the soul was circling high
Round and round to find food he tried
There something came into his veiw
A glistening so bright as a drop of dew

There he descended in great haste
I shall find a treasure no time to waste
He screamed to his own imagined way
Shedding air his wings sang that day

His shadow grew apon the Earth
As he stalled in flight to seek it’s birth
There now a fluttering brilliance grew
Still guided him in, to the light he knew

At the last moment his shadow grew
The light disappeared from his veiw
Then he had to think things anew
What was I chasing that had such a hew

There as he walked on the ground
He looked deep inside and found
It was his soul shinning from afar
There brightly shinning like a star

He laughed at the day, as on he flew
Was it me, or was it the morning dew?
He thought of the now, and the to be.
I can wait as that light is eternity.


There is sadness

Portrayed that seeks my soul

Let us tend to your hurts

Where love is the potion

Hold us close

Others are kept at bay

This fear of being

Must decline as it is fragile


Think of us each morning

Before you start your day

We will walk with you

Along rough ways

Picking up the stones

That are strewn there

Then you may journey

Without these cares


Child, take up our ways

As they are there for you

Just for a fleeting time

As we have been told of you

Just hold us now and then.

Our lightness will attend

There you will not be scarred

Your fear will subside

That walking this path with you,

To feel, touch then share

Know we care.

A Think

I walked with my thoughts

They became entangled

Tied up with others needs

I detached my ways


I could feel the loss

There outside of me

It was just a test

Yet we should not do this


I have told others of many things

Where the ripples of thought

Go out endlessly

Touching the think of others


Can you not feel

Is it because of need?

That you sense me there

Then don’t push me away


What do you want of me?

It is your ways we touch

I am but a place to rest

Let your ways be at peace


Why do you seek the grail?

It is there inside, so safe

Multi coloured music

Think it is then played


I can reach out to you

See your discord

Then show you a fine tune

Played in many colours


Talk to me in think

It will not move mountains

Yet it will pass through them

To dry your fears


Take care out there

It is a harsh place to be

Learn for your own sake

Not from me

Can I?

Can I ?

Submitted by Ian.T on Tue, 2013-04-02 23:59

I can only feel things
You cannot tell me
The fears of life
The days of pain

Of the lonely times
Where clouds of doubt
Caress your ways
Shutting all out

I fear not of life
That I live alone
Your thoughts I fear
No one draws near

There your heart beats
Its a mournful song
I should belong
What have I done?

I shall seek to renew
My love for you
That you can hold
My love, as I grow old

There I have found you
Inside building new
Feelings that are strong
Should I try to belong

Feelings have returned
A love that yearns
To hold something anew
For the love of us two

Ink To Write Poetry

The ink is on its way, as black as the velvet of empty space.

This gives you so much, as its drops shall become as figures on a white expanse that tell stories, for us all it will stand out on the white virgin pages.

There you will mingle with the kings of poetic forms, words formed as a stark blitz against the snow as if you or I had drawn out life in coals on its surface.

There are many things that this ebony wet creature will do for you it may coil in forms not seen before, yet is understood to be the ways of old.

There far out in a shady place, where a path winds its way to a thatched cottage door, the dark eyes of a man will pierce the day for you.

Sending out the thoughts to you of an age we have near forgotten, he smiles and holds out his hand to you in a gesture of understanding, as he cannot stay.

It had been his ways many days before, and life to him was a verse written in old English on heavenly scrolls, that even the Angels pass from one to the other, yet mere mortals still sometimes fail to understand what is written.

We must therefore draw out the coils of that dark wet serpent and make new beginnings, futures that can gladden the hearts and eyes for generations to come.

Walk without touching the place you are, let dreams swirl around your form, the dreams for the children to be, fly in scudding clouds , swim in deep Oceans feel their energy and be alive without living.

Find the peace in a babies cry, feel the transparent tears of the old as they rush to their Winters without fear, that they cry is for those that they leave behind.

Scribe with your quill, all these things, then say thank you to the energy patterns, that have evolved to make you whole, waste not the light as the light that beckons you  is far stronger.

The ink is in the inner soul but there it is a beautiful thing as it absorbs all colours the quill is make of a feather from an Angels wing given with the love of all men,

Yours Ian.T and Friends

Down Time


Down Time


It’s strange that days do seem so few

There are gaps of things I did with you

Why tell me why, what did I do

To chase even memories so far away


A feeling of futility does feed my days

Since the things of life are barred this way

Of being as I was to us for ever stayey

In ways of being one yet we still did stray


There was no choice or so it seemed

That days of looking for or something gleaned

From a life that we could think that’s new

This was the only excuse for leaving you


As time passes so and new memories do grow

I will think of you and me just so

That will always be remembered the same

There never to be that together again


It’s with saddness that does destroy the dream

Of new open days where no children seen

Where we could walk on with lots of miles

Hand in hand with many smiles


That having fulfilled a task well done

It was now our time to walk in the sun

But as two suns held in heavens velvet arms

 We had to seperate or come to harm


Travel on as you wish to be

In your freedom and love of your liberty

That was always held for you and me

Here in each others arms



To my loves

To my loves
Who number few what on earth do you think i would do
without you to hold me so well
there are things locked in minds that I can never tell
of things felt with you all there by my side
this journey will be so dull if we had not been as we are
for to love you there or here from afar is more than to be
i love your ways the tales we tale of now things and of bygone days
i love you all as the autumn comes to this land which i find
walking with me there are loves that i see by the shores of destiny
that i love them and they me
to those loves that are for ever in my mind you will never be left behind
take me where so ever you may go as truth is pure i love you all so
To those that realise that my love for them is in my eyes
that cry tears for them in days gone by till they walked with me
then i held them high there their tears i would kiss and dry
in lands afar we fly for fun to live some lives we have just begun
to love you so that people know who you realy are
Be loved i say by this humble one
who would walk with you in morning suns
to hold you as you held me our love to last eternally
Be truth to those you love around
that i am here i make no sound to disturb the air that holds you there
i am inside of all your ways there to be for all the days you need me
My love for you touches all the ways you need of me
it can be there for all to see its just a case of if it will be told so
One day as winter takes its toll of people that we all use to know
let me be there for your memories still in your mind
as fresh as the a day you did find me there
waiting for you to hold and share
a life that’s pure and true in all the things you are and do
Always remember that i will always love you