Go forward it is yours

Hold your Spirit to the light.
If they are the same,
You can do no more.
Love yourself always.

There is an emptiness
It clings to me
In the distance
I see a light

I shall walk toward the light
The only shadow
Will be behind me
I rejoice, and start to run.

The light recedes at my speed
I shall now journey on
Always reaching out
Away from the shadows

This is reality of being
There in another now
I will catch the light
It will be ours again.

Gentle Ways

Gentle Ways

Wed, 2017-03-22 00:21

I walk with you sweet spirit
in the perfection of time
Feeling the talk words
as they echoed through my mind.

In minds passing by
Things call out to me
Things I wished to know,
As I travelled on my way.

You smiled in colours
bouncing away at my very soul.
You accepted that the think talk
was the one I would know

As if we were to stay
Here, forever and a day
The words flowed as a stream,
That bubbled on its way.

Thoughts flowed between us
without much of a pause.
You were there with all the things
of me, and me of you.

It has to be slowed down
for mouths to utter true.
How can talk compete
with this, the way we do?

Stop I asked of her
Let the colours subside
The colours of the think talk,
ebbed as I continued my walk.

The thinks waved
as a flag in a gentle breeze.
Slowly they dropped
Surrendering with ease.

The weight of my being,
From my true life’s plain
Thank you for understanding me
It was beauty, let’s try again.

How can I talk to you
be of this place I thought?
Colours came to me,
A gentle Mauve, I was taught.

Learn as you believe in us,
be taught, just think, no fuss.
We think walked the way
that had no hold over our day.

This is an adaption from the tapes I have,
so here is where I was shown the Library

The Library.

There coming into view
the great library of learning
the inside walls moved
with rainbow fire burning

There rows of books all glowing
these are filled with forever
Try, I heard, in mind flowing
to feel or see their knowing

think a book that you would read
It can only be of past or now deeds
All books are here to choose
Old stories and past written news

The future though written,
Is not to be, for us to see
I thought for a while
Of what book would I read.

There out of the rows
they came at rainbow speed
as I knew the books to be
the words just smothered me.

Arcing from the shelf they came
so peaceful to my mind
the words spoke to me there inside
one sentence at a time.

How long would each book take to read
as at home it would be a while?
The library told me the story
so fast, before I could even smile.

My friend this is the place to be
As the words became a part of me
That is so, the thought came clear,
That’s the way we all read here.

This is not a read, I tried to say,
But thought it as that was the way.
I have lessons to learn my friend
this think talk will now have to end.

Back Home.

In a moment of colour I returned
to the fireside in my room
the colours changed and faded so
my place was filled with gloom.

This friend that took me
on this journey so free
spoke inside to clear the air.
“Just think of us we will be there”.

“Believe that in our love
Then in our guidance true,
We will always look after you”
Colours arrived peace came through.

I smiled inside as they left me so
to carry on my earth plain ways
the colours brightened as the stars
I knew they’d last for days.

I also knew they cared for me
as they left me there in the haze
I am not lonely any more,
As they brighten all my days.

The Children I Know 1


Submitted by Ian.T on Tue, 2014-09-23 00:16

Our Children they love us so
they are in spirit did you know.
In our journey to this spot in the now
they hear your call and then somehow
are able to stand at your side.

Like a cool breeze they touch your soul
I love them as they walk with me,
I ask of them, and they set me free
Here and now they are scattered.
Across this plain to be with you all

I asked them how you can be so
there in many places, you seem to go
As if an angel touched my mind
they told me that there is no time
so we can be in the now of everyone

It is with joy I relate these words to you
That you can ask them to call
It is no trouble to them at all
To be with us as I know they are
Is like being loved from a close, afar.

If you ask of me, to know of them,
I will let you know how it began
Those years that have now past away
Finding us here in this now today,
You will need an open mind to know

Just realize that they love us so


Lavender Journey

Lavender Journey

Submitted by Ian.T on Mon, 2014-06-16 12:14

Lavender drift

There the thought took me to wait for you
I was early so I played with the scene awhile
Stripped the sand caressed the bare rocks with love.
Made crystal grains scattering bright for my stay.

The seas broken waves I quelled to a musical lap.
Adorned the beach with shells of the creatures there
Mother of pearl glows filled the air, stars twinkled
I hung a soft sun in a blue sky to bathe the shore

I stood with plenty to do, in my best colours for you
I waited for you, though there was no time here

I wore a cloak of lavender blue with a shimmering hue
Cloaked in unconditional love to see us through.

That you had never seen my face, just a picture so
I put on the one you thought could be me standing there
a wry smile and such a gentle look, not a single care
I knew that you would know it was me,
I dulled the brightness for you to see.

There I saw you shimmer in the lavender light
two fluorescent images one left the other right
you asked before if we could walk and talk
now you see why before that came to nought.
This is a spirit thing us meeting here in this now,

Floating as we will later do is something new
this is the spirit world, can’t you tell, abundance of love.
There is no need to be, we are energy set free.
If only those that are of the other world could see
or understand we can do, here this meet of us two.

They would live a better life seeing so many things anew
each thought can build a spirit with love so true.
Let us drift, this realm with thoughts of tranquillity
Come the colours are now perfect, so let us just be.

Here all the flowers and trees, are what we think they are
meet some friends I know from stories I have written before.
Here she comes with smiling face and laughter so
Calling” Jellow” as we know her so, with such love.

“Hi Sadie” I think, and you feel the depth of her reply
Like joining a rainbows song twirling on high.
“What are you two doing here” I hear her thought.
“Just a journey we had to do, and we shall not stay,
It is to show another how we love and play”

Peace descended within, from those that taught.
Without a sound as there were no spoken words
our journey out to the beach we made and beyond
too much for us to know, so we flew like a pair of doves
back to the physical world where we had to spread love.

I know in my thoughts that at one time we will return
there’s no hurry as we have many things to learn
of all the things we need in future places I am known
to this eternal place we will always call home

The Second World


Tue, 2014-01-07 23:55

The Second World

The space vast and pure
It was so full
Pulsing life and love
Within dwelt a Spirit

It was so hard to be
as an entity moving free
was there a purpose
did it mean anything?

I could answer my questions
yet held back in awe
there all around
Like energies flowed

Soft light forms
Thoughts of all things
surrounding images
there was the meaning

Simple yet hard to find
A purity that swelled
Then the reality coalesced
Everything was here

Forms spoke as music
Gentle strains caressed
the universes folded
each pattern individual

Sight without seeing
Touch without feel
Hearing the silence
speaking within a thought

I can do everything
needing nothing
the vision eternal
the force was absolute

I became as a child
a feeling of wonder
At all things new
I had come home.





I felt it, a vast infinite space

It rang true to my inside

It was the human race

That remained out there


Beyond the space they dwelt

As this was my own being

Here within my sanctuary

It rang with love and energy


Love that flickered around

Leaping out to all it found

Beyond my boundaries

Unconditional and unashamed


I don’t have to see you there

I reach you without a care

The energy flows out in waves

Has always for all my days


What is there inside my space?

You ask that I should not hide

I will tell you of what you will see

A white light blued with intensity.


You out there are the same as me

A light shinning out love, all free

Giving out energy to all that need

Can’t you feel this precious seed?


It matters not for you to see

Life is given to you and me

To fill the space as we travel on,

Mind your ways, until you’ve gone.


Sink back into the space you are

The oneness that encompasses all

There you will be, free pure energy

Call me by the name they all know


Alexander, will stand outside his cave

There the children will gather round.

You will then be able to embrace

This me, and my inner space.

Thinking About Me

I see them a way away

Talking amongst themselves

As if there was no time

They whisper my name


Why do they gather so

Have they nothing else to do

I sing to them in thought

They laugh and know my name


“We cannot hurry” they say

“Why “I retort as if in answer

The question was long sought of

The answer was my name


I tire of your thoughts

The evening is too grand

To listen only to the starlight

I did not hear my name


There in the distance I now see

Not shadows but people freed

The veil of eternity closed

I was but an echo of my name.

Valley’s of the Mind


Valley’s of the Mind

My valleys and hills and mountains bare.
Tell stories of love spoons and things to share
yet hidden deep is a trust of your fellow man
where mines are carved by man’s hands.

Listen well to those words singing in your heart
they are of the Spirit that I wish we had taught.
Lost tears for all those times gone by
yet the valleys will live again, you’ll hear them sigh

Come home to my beauty that only a spirit can see
it will be there for our eternity if we only believe.
I shall soon be saying goodbye to all
though I may still have to live many a fall

One day in the quiet of the day, or evenings swell
you will hear my voice in your ear then you can tell
of a person whose poetry met your life
that told you of a gentle light, which would claim him so.

His guide will tell him when it is time to go
So listen to the talking of the breeze and singing bird
There in the windswept trees we all love
He will sing a song of a wondrous life so long

Where he, lived, loved and grew, felt he belonged
in spirit throughout the years, so smile, no more tears.
Just a few words, to fill, the valleys of the mind.


A Quiet Sit



You did not see me standing at your side
I wouldn’t talk as you were resting
That you had been crying as an oceans tide
Soft tears flowed that’s what called me in.

Now how do I start to heal these ills of yours?
There is no need for another physical being
This Spirit of mine reached out to your shores
Now I can deal with your disrupted feelings.

You are a creature that is sure of what to do
a point of focus a Mother so very strong
That others cannot understand the real you
Now you struggle but know where you belong

I shall settle your thoughts with a blanket of love
The warmth of a soft evening, leaving an afterglow
They are but a thought away, not from an above
There in the gentle rest of all the friends you know

To rest your mind leaving turmoil behind,
just think of those outside of what you see
I worry not as I talk to their gentle minds
It’s a gift from those that forever will be.

Two monks, one yours, one mine, and Sadie
they help us see and feel so many things
Just remember there are more than these three
There are a multitude of spiritual beings

Each are mainly hidden from our view
Many are waiting to help us you know
Just think and they are there for you
A pond and one pebble, in the middle throw

Toss it into the waters silver glow
Let your thoughts follow the rings
from the centre wave on wave will grow
there you will find all spiritual things

The driving force of all things known

For ever where all roads will meet

An energy pattern you are never alone

The greatest place to put Granddads seat


There are stories that I have told to you

The children and the teachers that always learn

Of the children and all the things they do

I have to live here but it is a place I yearn




In the whirlpools
Of their ageless time
They have spent inside
I hold your soul!

Is the echoing sound
Out across the waters,
I dwell within your ways
With a love that’s true.

I give to you my all,
The reply rebounds with joy
That mimics the echo
Of two souls held aloft

Where all can see.
A special creature
Held in chrysalis state
Waiting for the sun

To warm its ways
You will then emerge
As a beautiful butterfly
Of feelings soon

To be free and new,
With love to give
Hold on to these places
All things are sweet to you

Your life’s blood,
The blood of your life
Hold them close
For they and only they

Can see the veils of time
As they hold your soul
Give only to those
That earn your love

With the trust of all things,
Also the trust of bygone days
Given to you the hope
That in your future times

There will be two,
Building life for you
Build on sweetest thought
Of life that you are,

Where the heavens
Loaned us one of theirs
Build within the confines
Of your beautiful mind,

So that you are strong
A tower of strength
For yours that need
You were a pure seed