There in my heart, I have felt many pains
Yet in my Spirit I knew the why’s of things.
Deep understanding of others, brush their souls
Live in their beings for a while you will feel.

Never be afraid of things you see in others
This is their battle and they must win
Let them lean on your shoulders, hold them
In your being there is infinite energy.

Never let your energy be used in any way
Let the universal energy bring you strength
Out there among all things, is a power house.
It is run by unconditional love always.

There but a thought away dwells forever.
All your yesterday’s todays and tomorrow’s
Will be there as you reach out to infinity
This belongs to you all, and will never change

No matter what or who you believe in,
Just walk within the goodness of being..

Who Are We

Who Are We

Submitted by Ian.T on Sat, 2014-06-07 08:02

I cry for you out there,
You have become my friends.
Where are all the good things gone?
More pain to my soul does it never end

My choice to feel the way I do
Yet it is just me there walking
I then choose to walk with you
The twirling universe goes on

Dipping into mankind’s pain,
A poet’s simple refrain
I am here they call, just talk to me
A lifeline stretching out

There I find you and love you all,
It is for me to be flawed.
Though I feel we all should be
Compassionate for us, you see.

Are these roles we take on?
A task we have chosen.
Does the task choose us?
As we meander life’s pathway so.

Come tell me true of what to do
Shake your thoughts, I also need
So when do I tell of my needs
Is it when all yours are gone?

Then I shall return to my crying
I saved it for me in my room
There alone muddled thoughts return
I wonder, Shall I stay as I am?

I have thought and answered so
It is better that you do not know
So I can tend to my tasks each day
In my abstract kind of way.

Where were we, oh yes?
I shall help you clear a pathway,
That leads to happiness,
Give me a second, to dry my eyes

Just Thinking

Just Thinking

Submitted by Ian.T on Thu, 2014-12-04 00:36

Can’t you see me standing here?
Am I bloody invisible to your eyes?
If so just think of me, things will clear.
I am waiting for the thoughts to arrive.

I hear you laugh as if I am a fool
Hold on, there are many things to talk of.
Too many what if’s, and maybe’s cross my mind.
What of this life now we have reached this point?

Where do we go from here, this crossroad’s?
Why do we have to choose, does it not happen?
I sink into dreams each night that tease my ways.
Why am I able to run so fast, and do many things?

Yet the morning sun feels cold to my aching limbs.
Is this all that is left to dream, and then reality.
Bloody Buddha he just keeps smiling, as if at me
Is this the depression of age, reaching my thoughts?

With all these thoughts running wild and the dreams.
I should be a blubbering wreck instead of knowing
Knowing that this is life as we age and is ours to hold
I shall walk another mile thinking on these things more

Here tell me true what you would do, another silence.
You see it is just me here and a wooden Buddha that smiles
He sits in a pose that I cannot do anymore, I fear nothing
Here are my words flowing in globular streams, think on.

Other words are set in the ether and arrive here for me
Others dictate to the keys, as I drift to one side and see
I watch the keys being tapped in a tuneful way
I shall read what they say and send them today

Who shall I send them to, is it really something to do.
At my age with a mass of memories to share with you
I really need a direction on what I should write,
I shall search here and find a singular thing tonight.

Today the third, I lit a candle for my beloved Father
He would have been one hundred and seventeen.
He fought for us all in the first Great War you know.
Thank you Dad your life as mine was not in vain.

I shall retire to dreams, tomorrow to think again.

A Subtle Truth

A Subtle Truth

Submitted by Sparrow on Sat, 2016-03-05 09:29

To dream that one-day you will find
All the good things held there in your mind
You know how so truth is but a dream
In truth that pain there are tasks to do

That you may be stuck here for all time
To go away is more important to your ways
There in destiny fulfilled in times to come
Journey on with wings so free

The golden eagle you may just be
To circle then to stoop some more
To love on the wing is you for sure
To carry aloft the ones you bear in mind

Sometimes they don’t treat you so kind
These will hinder your future days
Therefore I say quietly to thee
Cast all these downside people free

Then you will see what freedom can be
Lift up your skirt and run free like the wind
Don’t look back to wonder why they stay
They will be there forever and a day

As the highland’s cry out in pain
That you may not return again
I know you will if you think you can
The tears for missing all that went before

Are only used to make so very sure
That from your early days you have learned
That they hold you high where err you go
Take with you all the folks you know

So all that will know deep within your heart
In the care of them we will not depart
These things that others hold so dear
Your future should be without any fear.

Of you, falling down.

Be within your thoughts

Be within your thoughts

Submitted by Sparrow on Mon, 2016-06-20 23:55

Today I shall write for you
You know your name then forget
There is a whisper if you listen
It is the world turning

My ways are to catch the wind
To drift with the snow
Then to cry tears of rain
I see you out there in guises

A sorrow streaks your face
Then curls your lip with a snarl
Furrows question my love of you
Then I see that light in your eyes

It is as the peace of an evening’s song
Teach all that walk with you
Drift in their thoughts
Hold them as they struggle

Bring to me a thought of love
Gone days as you I lost my way
There in the library of my mind
Is a light that guides my life

I have told you to look inward
There in your own shadows
Catch the light that is there
Feel the perfection we hide

Learn to drift as the cosmos
Twirl without end within that great self
It is called the real you
Now go and love all you meet

Last Orders

Last Orders (160728)

Submitted by Sparrow on Tue, 2016-07-26 00:09

There slinking in the shadows was greed
It laughed to see me struggle and in need
Where do you go it taunted, I own you.
I screamed, but had to give in to the truth.

I had nothing, near less than when a baby
Though I had love in those days gone by.
Here on this slippery slope I had to give way
Nothing times nothing, it added up to zero

I turned away, but could feel the cold glare
I knew if I turned it would still be there.
I had to see a way out to run from this void
It seemed an uphill struggle just no speed

I jumped and felt the air rush by my form
The enveloping water seemed to feel warm
It drifted my thoughts away, to another world
How could I cry in water, I gurgled a scream?

In the struggle I found many things attended me
Then that wonderful feeling of being free.
One last thing I needed to do, drifting away from you
I ask you to remember I tried, so please do not cry..

We Rest Awhile

We Rest Awhile

Submitted by Sparrow on Sun, 2016-09-04 00:24

There you go again softly
making all things to mean
more to us than anything
I see your smile in my dark hours

Life’s not so easy, I see you here,
where we will walk among the trees.
Green velvet will caresses your needs
it’s there that one day we will meet

It’s a place that I use to play
When I was young long time ago
See the lower branches leaning to
your ways, for you to sit just so

During the heat of summer days
which we had spent together
the flowers are there for you
Primroses perfume that talks anew

That was the morning of your days
the gentle ring of the blue bell
Is there to tell, I have been
under a spell of days gone by

On lush green grass there to lay
Wrapped in a blanket of future play
is it you, or is it I, that needs to be
here safe for all time, we’ll see

Battles Won

Battles Won

Submitted by Sparrow on Wed, 2016-09-21 00:36

I felt the confusion spread
Where did this battle begin?
I was mocked and had to retire
Still anger flared in your eyes

The war began, who would win
Me in my quiet ways
Or you with retained anger
It was a no contest

There in the arena of life we fought
I in gentle repose of quiet words
You in angry words of filth
It made my inside hurt for you

You thought that you were king
I smiled and nearly agreed
It would have been wrong to condone
Yet could I play? As it was my victory.

No my insides spoke, no be quiet,
It spread within me a peace complete
There moving away, I heard you softer
I returned to my inner peace, smiling

Having a Bad Day

Having a Bad day

Submitted by Sparrow on Mon, 2016-11-07 00:03

I stood, the mirror watched me.
What had become of my ways
I was drooping a little
Or maybe it was more

Do you think I would say
I saw a ribbon of events
Probability tracks mirrored
Compressed to one event

Stretching away as the past
Goading me, things not done
Did I do enough
No reply, just white noise

They have names for everything
Each twinge ache or grimace
It’s an age thing they say
Those that know nothing

Come to us in our place
We will give you a test,
Take some more blood
Where are your veins?

Stupid, how stupid they are
We pay them all the same
I arrived at the surgery
Will you have a flu jab

It’s free, they give you more
There’s shingles and tetanus
I just smiled loved the beach
The other just a booster

Here take some pills
Your weight is up
Cholesterol is up
Prices are also up

Blood pressure is boosted
Was that what that jab was for
Damn I can’t think straight
Hey hold on a minute

I was alright this morning
I stagger home arms hurting
Looked in the hall mirror
Who are U, what U staring at???

Listen to the World

Listening to the world (rewritten today 08-12-16)

Submitted by Sparrow on Fri, 2016-07-15 08:52

There is a silence here
That reflects the universe
beautifully strange new things
Falling on my soul
Taking the ways of the past,
Hiding them away forever

there to seek out those things
They may be needed for the future
That in the past were held in awe
these were held and treasured
in this a new calm life

where all the things hold their position
Things that before were piled up
in chaos and confusion
taking the spirit into many realms
Places of despair and agitation
Today the snow covered the earth
As if to say look at me.

With new eyes, it is pure
these things are now.
Being the state of renewal
it has been a long time
for this to come to my ways
it is so welcome to my spirit,
As the dawn of each day

this brings to me things new.
Things not held before
Tenderness with a reason
These brush my soul
Spirits of gone times,
Crowding around
as if in welcome.

It is that they can be seen
with new eyes at this dawn.
Now to learn of how,
To keep faith with them.
In that they have, as we,
A purpose to fulfil

we will learn in these new days
How to walk with them.
I with mine complete
the gathering of many
they are here around you
Look to your own ways.

See that they are with the spirit
if this is so then agitate it
Bring forth the reasons and ask
I will not now dwell here.
In the shadows as before
there is a light out there
that beckons me to go
to find my ways.

Live life to its full
Now come and hold me
we will walk along
We will talk of us.
There are many things
I cannot see along the way
Then there are those,
That you cannot see, we need.
These things are not the same

Therefore we need us
Day on day as we go
there will only be a need for one.
The blending of the souls
Tis a wonderful thing
it is the future of all things
they will become one.

I will hold the door open,
For you for all time
just walk with me,
yours and mine.