Diatribe — Old Welsh people
Ontosophy– Looking for a city in Bulgaria
Dogma — My puppies Mother
Metaphor — A way of saying you know someone
Rumpled — A person walking backwards
Reptiles — small square things for decoration usuall in wet places, with slogans on..
Republican— Reference to a landlord of a pub,
Hyperbole — A place that all super bowl winners go to, like heaven
Contradiction– Conservative way of saying something
Anneal–A hard girls name, someone that can be manipulated
Gorgeous– A beautiful canyon..
Nondualism–olden days when one to one fights were banned


Invincible angel

Invincible angel of dark days gone by

You turned away from things that you or I

Hold dear and cherish through all life’s days

Still second chances come our ways


When we are not looking

They will capture a part of you or me

It can’t be me, I hear you cry

I had not looked when you were nigh


To even think that I would cry a little

Where future things will be as a picture

Which an artist painted for me

Lacking in love, let the colours run


There is more to life than having fun

No one cares in your future seen

Just hope and love, where none had been

To see you through your days





The strength showed across the room
Not the physical being,
More toward the, I am strong
It was the strength of will

Where there was a great well being
That arced across as a rainbow
With all its bands of moods
In vivid colours shattering the gloom

With a thousand shades, felt not seen
Lest it should fall foul
Of anything trying to bar its passage
Such was the energy and strength

That it took me what seemed ages
To avert my look and rest my eyes
Longer than was thought discreet
Then the yes, behind the strength

The intensity took hold of me
Floods of feelings freely flew
Accepting, being, then refloated
Only to be reflected as an arc,

Not holding back or hiding
There were two sets of eyes
Now with complete abandon
Locked in the throws of love


For You

For You

We live in strange glow of things gone by
The things in our touch that you and I
Could rekindle feelings that we had let go
A life, a love that to us could no longer show

The peace and fulfilment that would bring tears
Forgotten things that throughout all our years
Had seemed to be a dream of times we knew
Now flowered for us in the twilight of our years

The youth that came to us in flashes new
A touch a sigh just there for me and you
Where did the pastures that held our minds
Become so distorted with the passing of time

It’s with each to us our feelings now show
A youth held with emotions never let go
The rest it brings and the excitement so new
Times past were any of these feelings true

I think they were a voice that seemed to say
We had forgotten to be as children at play
In journeys taken with others all the ways
Will make these feelings better than early days

Hold close with us or with these things anew
They will not bring harm to you or me somehow
If in love of feelings we can be so bold
To live for now, to remember the old

Then enhance the things in the back of our minds
Withheld from others as it seemed not time
Mistakes are made as we now do find
These feelings should have been felt

Not held at bay that may never be
Used to give pleasure as only we
Do find in this little now time
That will now last an eternity in our mind


Later Days

Later Days

There are days then there are days
Ones where we can just laze
In sunny places that we make
Then others that would make the world quake
This maybe is one of those
The future now has been foretold
In the recesses of my mind
The part of me here has become unkind
Therefore I now know what I must do
There are Angels then there is you
Who need to know that on my way?
They would like to know each day
Where I live and where I play
I thank them for the love they show
I carry it with me where ever I go
I will relate to them for them to know
Where I am so that I can show
That I love them with all my mind
The ones I cannot leave behind
For ones that are here who hold not so dear
All the thoughts that are held therein
You will always see that it was a sin
To treat such feelings without thinking
My little one I love you so and pray
That I can only hope that one day
Our paths will meet then we will say
I have loved you more in every way
That other creatures can understand
Our love is strong as the mighty oak
Then as gentle as a summer breeze
We live, we are, there are none to please
For deep inside our love will be
Held in souls love, for eternity
Yours and mine
The ideal ways of us would be
If it were possible to live with me
The dreams of early days are very plain
That we must as we are remain
Pure as the driven snow
Held deep inside each others souls
There one day I may awake and find
That all the things left in my mind
Of value, and when things to me are kind
There you will be standing next to me
This is a dream that I hold so dear
It will keep away all the fear
Of not being there at hand
To guide your ways, as suns sometimes do
As stars held aloft navigators used
If you look out during all the closings
Of your days, you will see me shine
I will shine for you in all the ways
That are in need for your special days
As those stars do shine, and we are one
In love no matter what may come?
Remember that I will be as your sun
The words that I have said to you
Hear them in all the things you do
As we go on our ways
There to be together at the close
Of the days in love with us
There will be no fuss, for we know
That it is us, as on we go
For ever,

Reply to Rage

The silence within my soul
Made the world recoil as these
Things that had passed you by
All i could do was cry

The rage of your poem
Reflected from within me
The tears welled all i could see
Was a hate for humanity

There’s a race of things
That roams all around
Who think that they
Do own the ground

That their feeble minds do see
If it were left to me
They would die in the eternity
Of hell that they give to me

I feel their rancid breath

To Be True To Us

To Be True To Us

I have been commissioned by my soul
To at least let you for all time to know
That in all truth and love I have to let you go
It said to me could you not see
That what you made is now
With love and dreams then wishes true
We built a beautiful woman just for you
To watch as a guardian of Angels three
A perfect place a position to be
The truth I told to you long days ago
That to drift away when I had made you so
This was prime directive one
There in the sky were two suns
That touched their souls on passing by
The touch that caused even the Angels to cry
It was told that in this fleeting times
Each sun held the other so deep in mind
They stood there still as was their destiny
They swapped their love and stored the energy
These things now that their journey has again begun
Is held of each, in the soul of each one
The distance now as they have to fly
Grows greater in their own velvet sky
The changes made of their touching days
Eternally held as they wend their ways
To meet one day as all matter must come
There in eternity to shine as one sun

Evening Journey

Evening Journey

Hello there, you aren’t having fun
It’s tired you are and that wont do
A place in the sun I have for you

To lay and breathe with summers perfumes
Feel the roses that are in full bloom
I now have to wait till long past eight
When all my daily tasks are done

Before you will talk with me
Or play here, to just have some fun
I will wait, or just go on before
To find a place that’s near the shore

First flight

Today is the holiday of hearts
There will be no talk of moving apart
We will just fly and take our leave
With me travel on, drift as the breeze

I will take you where frangipani grow
Their perfume is like none you have known
It’s heady essence that overwhelms all
Look down, be careful that you don’t fall

Just one head, a bridal bouquet is made
Let’s make believe, but we cannot be
We are not slaves to the conventional way
Up here we are in love, take time and play

Hold on so tight to me, that I may
Be feeling things from another day
Of times from long ago that we
Have stored away to keep each other free

A memory of all our stored dreams
Wishes there of things we have seen
In which our joy was of being young
Together where we walked in the sun

Playing with the trees

There love can you see the trees
Twisting bows and lovely leaves
The breeze plays as they are it’s toys
A movement, it’s a ballet of joy

Feel it cools your warmed brow
Try to hold it with your fingers now
Only your mind can tell you what to do
To feel each buffet, as it carresses you

Touch the breeze follow its course
We can ride it like a gentle horse
Now you will understand that it lives
As it dances with the leaves it gives

In the clouds

Spread your wings little eagle we will fly
We will play with a clouds there so high
The softest moisture feel it brush your skin
Clouds and the air are both living things

Now just hold the air in your hand
On golden wings it clings like sand
Of the eagle as it flies, it sings up there
We fly high in the sky without a care
If you look over there my little one
You may see where we have had fun
Trees with leaves dancing so green
Where others have so seldom been

It’s beautiful up here afar can be seen
Vast mountains that are covered in cream
Snowy glows of dancing light scene
Reflecting for us, another of our dreams

To the land

To leave the sky and slip and slide
Down gentle slopes of mountainside
To fall together in the drifts of snow
Calling names, crying with white flow

To pause for a while hand in hand
To look around survey this land
The lights there in the valley play
as we come to the end of a perfect day

We watch the sun, slip into its sleep
There to hold a dream, our love to keep
As our dreams would then unfold
Of things we know, but can’t be told

In the morning to wake refreshed
To know that we were truely blessed
Each other on this a journey true
With loving memories for me and you
Morning dream

As we chased this our night away
Hold your dream we cannot stay
There are more things we have to see
Please stay very close, yes close to me

More flying, as on our way we’ll go
Away from where we played in the snow
The waterfall is calling, as falling it sends
Clinging moisture for our eyes to tend

Over it curving, there’s your rainbows end
A curving splash of colour, a perfect bend
Hold is close into the resess of your mind
It’s the rainbow as only few lovers find
There’s the ocean its waves now calm
Your ship has come to no harm
The gentle breeze has pushed its sails
It awaits for you with stories to tale

Return to Golden Sands

Your dreams have held it in your hand
It is safely held now on our golden sand
On that distant shore which we made
As we talked together, there we stayed

With our beautiful dreams of other days
Come now walk with me, please stay
We talk in truth of days that are to be
We will walk in dreams of reality

For as always I will be at your side
These flights with me, no need to hide
All we do or see, is restful for us to be
So gentle with our minds

Just a few words

Just a few words

To feel all the things that have gone by
The energy of love that wavers and dies
To feel as the river reaching out to the sea
Leaving lifes struggling banks now you are free

To now move with ease it is just that time
You will see that everything is just fine
A holy grail that avoided you somehow
It’s there for you to be part of now

I did worry that this way, I had, was all
They told me the truth and I grew so tall
But the hight of you, now, means not a thing
The soul inside is the true part that sings

What of my friends and family, I hold dear
They are safe, you can now watch without fear
They will struggle on earth as you use to do
With a thought to them, you will see them through

In a moment they will be there at your side
There is no time here and no place to hide
You have answered for all the things you did
Good things and bad, it was there, all listed

You were there to learn, oh child of mine
Mistakes were there, but not all of the time
We would have failed you had it been smooth
The ups and downs, some called home truths

You are now home were you always belong
To join us here, they call us a heavenly throng
With like minds and love for all times sing
Colours, shapes and thoughts are our thing

If you need me, I will wait for you here.
To guide you so that you have no cares
So as you go about your earthly ways
I will be there at the end of your days


This is me

This is me

Your picture showed that heart of gold
Just there and smiling through
I would have swooned but was born to soon
To chase you round the world

In ancient days and ancient ways
I think that it would be true
This ole guy would really be honoured
To have been asked to walk with you

In mind now think on these things
Take a step back in time
Accept a bunch of red roses love
Be mine, be mine, be mine