A Quiet Day

My world had shrunk
It caught me by surprise
Horizons came closer
Yesterday so far away

Where did my space go?
My world had shrunk.
I tried to think of reasons
Did I stop looking around?

Friends no longer by my side
Children retreated to hide
My world had shrunk
Or was it me on the inside

I didn’t fear my journey’s end
Lonely though without my friends
What is it that makes me so small?
My world had shrunk

That’s all!!



There in my heart, I have felt many pains
Yet in my Spirit I knew the why’s of things.
Deep understanding of others, brush their souls
Live in their beings for a while you will feel.

Never be afraid of things you see in others
This is their battle and they must win
Let them lean on your shoulders, hold them
In your being there is infinite energy.

Never let your energy be used in any way
Let the universal energy bring you strength
Out there among all things, is a power house.
It is run by unconditional love always.

There but a thought away dwells forever.
All your yesterday’s todays and tomorrow’s
Will be there as you reach out to infinity
This belongs to you all, and will never change

No matter what or who you believe in,
Just walk within the goodness of being..

Harken to the silence

Shadows flit by our windows.
Listen to the whispers of past days,
Live in the quiet and gentleness of being,
Walk with like minds, touch the world.

A touch, sending shivers through the universe,
Talk to like minds and be at peace
It will be a peace that’s part of eternity,
Live each moment in the truth of love.

There a realisation of an eternal peace
Where ever we are we are joined,
I hear the tide coming, in gentle waves
Making all to become a closer power.

Letting us become part of the whole.



Sun, 2017-03-12 00:46

Sitting here what am I waiting for.
Nothing! Rings out echoing around.
There are other things to do you know
Why do you sit and watch others words?

Damn habit the reply slinks into mind.
Something of years gone by of sitting.
I would say Eureka that words have returned
Not true, I scold my shallow thoughts

Sit some more and stop wasting your time
Find an outlet for the whirling words
Thoughts ring out again, echoing their message
Tell me a story the keys glint away.

Here in many pages there is a life of words
Worlds where all feelings glow fact or fiction
Let dragons live and many things of the mind
If only there were more hours to wend away

I hear the laughter of happy souls
Then the tears of others locked in grief
Here is a conflict of mine, sorrowful thoughts.
I feel a bullet of grief, tearing the structure of the few.

If only I could shout a whisper in their ears
To tell them to live their lives and not others
Our life’s structure built on theology of others
Fear ground into our very being of uncertainty

When I leave you all here that sad look on your faces
I will be free to ask of me why? Then to feel truth
Take heed there may be only darkness falling on your soul
Then an eternity of dark, if only they could send us mail.

Their post is probably too slow if darkness prevails
We will be there before it comes to our abode
What if there is no time there what of the message?
Then we will be there before it’s sent, Ground Hog.

Yours Ian.T

Hello Again!

Hello Again!

Tue, 2017-03-28 00:11

I watched you grow young poet,
There in line after line you grew
A space here and there to talk with me
Friends trying to write their poetry

A cry from me that goes unheard
Where are you poets that you only write
Take time to read others words
A world built in verse for better or worse.

I love you all equally as my words stream,
there in my tapping keys holding a dream.
That we could ever be well known or just free
Let us learn from this mighty knowledge tree

It is near time for me to stop tapping away
Age and other things crowd my every day
Just promise me in words from your pen
That none of you will leave us alone again

If you find things in life are becoming hard
Write, one day you may become a Bard
Bet you can’t is what I will say today
Time draws near for me to wend my way

Bye, don’t be shy, just cry for all
Those that have left and travelled on,
Read of them in the old poetry’s song,
To be heard above the dawn chorus throng

A break in Time

A break in Time

Wed, 2017-04-05 00:16

I stood on the shore
the ocean lapping my feet.
Felt the power of the universe,
so much stronger than me.

A simple joining of energy
Hydrogen twins playing the same tune
Where lonely Oxygen joined the chorus
A powerful weakness, being one

I watched the white topped waves
Drifting toward me endlessly
Then beyond into timeless ages
The energy above all simple things

It was a picture of how small I was
Yet in my mind I knew that in me
A power that could rise above it
Can I be so bold in thinking this?

One day, or in one moment of our time
I will know the answer to the question
Yet now let me be at peace with all
Let me dream some more.

I backed away from the feeling.
The immensity of this moment held within.
Is this the fear we carry as if a burden.
The power overwhelmed my senses.

Is this but a dream?
I turned, did I walk away!
Or is this vision eternally.
In my thoughts of being.

I stood on the shore
the ocean lapping my feet.
Felt the power of the universe,
so much stronger than me.

“The Silence of Light”

Sun, 2017-04-02 00:54

Here in the darkness of the days beginning
I find no peace even as the sound of silence plays.
Drawing on the surprise of visions of light
A chandelier glistened in my mind.

The true light splitting into many hues
Which is the truth of light in all these shades
Tell the darkness that it can only be betwixt stars
There I shall find an infinity of dreams

A silence so pure it will close your mind
Dreams without end caressing thoughts
As they flee to find a golden dawn
The star we call the sun will appear to rise

Stay in awe of each day as you are drawn to be
There in the warmth of an entity you will glow
There as the darkness flees, you will find a new peace.
Drift into a new day, as does this thing called night

There declare that you are of substance and live
Then use your thoughts to rent asunder old myths
As you close your eyes for that final chapter
They will tell you in the new light, that its eternal.



Mon, 2017-04-17 09:26

Here in the wilderness a thought reverberates
The thought echoes into the realms of many
They hear the thought and the many answer
This day is a reckoning of life’s struggle

Some ask to be released others ask why
The answer is another echo of thought
I just want to know the truth of what I am
Listen to your soul though take care

In the tangles of life is a way of thinking
I answer myself in two ways and smile
I smile at the one I wish to know
Then in an age know the truth within me

How deep do you want to go, I am asking?
Yes, you out there that judges my life stream.
There in your darkness I reflect all you are
Now go and seek out your own inner self.




Tue, 2017-04-25 00:45

I waited for you to come to me
There in the glow of evening
I was disappointed nothing for miles
Where are you that I have to seek?

I realised that you had moved away
Departed or passed as they say
Well it should now be easy to learn
In our need of love, which we both yearn.

I feel you there, comforting my mind,
It didn’t take you long to learn anew?
Now we can talk of many things we knew
Our love is there, and will always bind

I see your smile as it used to be,
warm glows, a different you and me.
I have also had to learn new ways.
You haven’t changed, those dreamy days.

You will see me grow older my dear,
though there is no time here.
It is a thing we do, as we move around.
From this plain, then wrapped in a shroud.

I see the change didn’t touch your mind,
leaving a sick body far behind.
What can I say to you my ever love.
Are you below or sideways above?

It matters not that you have moved on,
Time is condensed, my love so strong.
I can see that I am already there.
Yet here to bide, should we care?

Anothers Quiet Hell

“Another’s Quiet Hell”

Sat, 2017-03-25 00:34

Hell opened its maw,
I could feel myself boil
My mind steeped in turmoil
I had you in my hellish trap.

Just where I wanted you.
It was fun to play my game.
I made rules, you obeyed
Things stayed the same.

I turned deaf, listened no more.
Should I care what you felt?
I had nothing, so why should you?
That was the way things were.

I was never given a freedom.
I was beaten black and blue.
So why shouldn’t you?
Feel those things I endured.

Thankless creature you are
I feed you and come home
How lucky can such as you be?
There is no one else you see.

Nowhere to run from my side
I destroyed your self pride
Then got rid of your friends
Damn you, be good to me.

Now they say I will never be free
You took your revenge on me
I told them that it wasn’t right
I held the knife to give you a fright.

No one believed me when I said
It was you that ran to me instead.
This place is so cold, can I not be
In your arms, hated and free.