02/01/99 11:13:15 GMT

The Sending


After that first initial contact the next day I sent a piece that had been written for a Japanese lady to whom it had not been given as we lost contact

I would spend lots of time writing for other people, little pieces that sometimes portrayed some of their inner feelings.

Some people would call it a gift but sometimes the insight was more of a curse.

Later in my story of these days you will see some of them come to light




Date:  02/01/99 11:13:15 GMT

From:  YENTI

To:    SunxTwo


A Presence


It was seen that below the windows of the soul

There was a milk white expanse

So pure that its invite soared above all ideals

Nothing could deter the vision of purity

Where evasive stresses played in chorus

With the presence of other beings

Only to be ignored then sent to the windows of the soul

Here the presence descended into the depths

As if held lightly in the folds of a velvet gown

Sinking through mirth laden love which bubbled up

Seeking an exit assisted with the company of freedom

Given with a free spirit egged on to yield, an age of time passed

By holding each bubble with joy as it reaches for the surface

Loved and enjoyed with abandon in anticipation of the bursting

Where the universe is held within a velvet dome

Where all times and things are forever

Deep beneath there stirred a soul expanding outward

Its very being slowly rising as if imitating the opening of a rose

That was held as a bud for its beauty to long

Escape it cries with utter joy, as it opens its mind to see




Just a few lines for you to see that which is written

for a person some time ago.

If you can visualise someone who wants to scream out for joy.

Though will not as their culture doesn’t permit such an outburst.

Then to have a companion spirit felt which is welcome

and needs some of the screaming, well that’s how it seems.


Hope it makes some sense in that direction,

I don’t usually explain but it will make a change.




Later that day I also sent a short piece that I had just sent out to

one of my other friends this was called “Someone”




If you walked with the Angels

would you walk with me

If you talked with the Angels

would I hear

If I knew you were an Angel

would I dare

If we both were as Angels

we could share





These little verses are sent between people that write on the net

to give each other boosts of friendship and sometimes for their views

on their own work

Sunny and I carried on for the next few days swaping little things,

talking for what seemed hours cementing our initial contact with small

talk, which in normal ways would be as body language is to a couple

meeting in a pub or some other place.

Infact a prelude to courting as it were,seeking out the little things

that the other likes and dislikes, also it establishes the style of

writing so that you recognise the other .

Sunny and myself would arrive on screen a lot of times at the same

moment and for some reson this carried on throughout as if we knew the

other was just arriving.

Later there were a few overlaps of talk when there is a lapse in concentration

On the net some people talk to one or more at the same time, this is

where you have to be very careful, as the wrong words are sent through

to the  other person and as they are sent instantly it can cause a

problem.You try talking to one girl that you have been very friendly

with and then another one comes on scren and half your message goes

astray,can become a bit hard to explain.

Sunny and I began using shortened words and there are always abreviations

that are used on the net of which l will put to the side as they crop up

Sunny and me would refer back to things that we wrote very often as

a coded message, this will become aparent later as we grew together.

During this time, with lots of talking most nights we became quite close


The next step was to write what we have is “E” mails these letters are

much cheaper than the old post man and much faster, it was so lovely

when the very first ones were exchanged between us.

As poems are always sent this way, but to have an actual letter well

that is much more personal.

This would be a big step for us as it would mean that another form of

communication had opened, where we could talk when either were absent.

So it was a great step for us both.

When I saw the first letter rather than a poem or verse.

It would be more of the other person coming down the line to boost

the initial talking and sending this makes it feel closer as the words

are directed at you

Introduction to Yenti


Working with the computers of today can be fun and very beneficial to lots of people, but beware it captures the mind as the freedom of flowing words can distort and nullify all the morals codes that you have
It can also be used to do good but there are lots of dangerous places .
Here you will see an average poet change into something that only you can decide,wether for the betterment of his work or his feelings or for anything
These machines capture the minds of people inside there changing
them into whoever controls the situation that prevails
This journey I felt would be good to relate to you as it shows changes that I have not even become aware of myself.
Go with love in your soul of all people
But beware the path is littered with a nothing that reaches for you






The screen seemed to go blank as I tried to close down on SunxTwo

Although it had been some minutes since the writing of the “E” mail

Had been finished. All I had to do was press the send button and

away would go the letter

How many times must it be I thought before there would actually be,

a final contact?

I knew in my very soul that now no matter how hard I tried

Sunny ( SUNXTWO ) and me would be joined for ever and beyond

if there was a beyond


This whole beautiful journey as I will call it, although as it unfolds

You will see the stresses it can bring also, started as the last seconds

of the old year passed and the first contact with Sunny was started

Sounds a little like an Alien contact, but when you actually speak to

someone for the first time you feel all the misapprehensions that

would be similar to a first date, and even to go as far as an Alien


There are many strange rooms on the net all with their own function

and as I was into poetry and general writing I was looking for an outlet

for some of my work, and would spend many late night hours just talking

to people all over the world.

My favourite place was the Instant Cafe, this is a lovely place, where

lots of poets and writers go to be with someone.


Sometimes to get away to a place where they can be outside of the

stresses of their own lives or pick up help in problems big and small,

on any subject. Anyway it’s a lovely room with lots of lovely people

there and I spent lots of time with them.

The main problem was that it was late into the night before lots of

them arrived as the Cafe is in America.

The strange thing is I cant even remember if I was there, or in a room,

or where I was at the time, it seemed after a while to pale into

insignificance, there was this profile of someone.









Profile and First talk


The Profile was of someone Called SunXTwo.

I thought she sounded interesting, so I called up the IM screen for

SunxTwo and as is my fault in life,that I just love to speak to

the ladies of the species, I began to speak to her.


Inset first IM

A Beautiful Dangerous Journey .


Introduction  By YENTI

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Yenti

Prior to this time of my gaining the use of a good computer all interesting memories.

All previous tales will come under “The History of Yenti”

 Working with the computers of today can be fun and very beneficial to lots of people.

But beware it captures the mind, as the freedom of flowing words, that can.

Distort and nullify all the moral codes that you have.

It can also be used to do good, but there are lots of dangerous places.

Here you will see an average person change into something that only you can decide,

Whether it was for the betterment of his work, or his feelings, or for anything

These machines capture the minds of people inside, there changing them.

Into whoever controls the situation that prevails.

This journey I felt would be good to relate to you as it shows changes,

 Some of which I have not even become aware of myself.

Go with love in your soul of all people

But beware the path is littered with a nothing that reaches for you.


With the love of Sunni that walked with me

The Beginning

We will start this journey on the first day of my records of 1998, as this is when the new things started to happen.

I had at this time as users of the internet will know used the medium to talk to people out there in the electronic jungle.

It seemed that I was doomed to be like an advisor or something, as the only people that I seemed to meet, were ones that had problems, or has everyone got problems.

So let us carry on into the troubled waters where humanity seems to be reaching out for everything that is there to hold but not touch

Today, as you will see I am talking to Tamara, she is a lost soul from somewhere around the eastern part of our country

Date:   01/01/99

To:      Tamara

I heard the door open and you where there

But before I could welcome you the door closed

The silence that followed was absolute

There was no place to go as without a lady on my arm

To walk with and talk with there is no point in going out

I haven’t done much today just sat to think of many things

As the walrus said in a rhyme I heard long days ago

I could not catch the star as it fled through the space

Of endless time where nothing changes that we can perceive

Though there is always change on a scale of which we know nothing

We are but limited to a flutter of starlight that to us feels long

I had better find some piece of mine to send to you today


If you walked with the angels

Would you walk with me?

If you talked with the angels

Would I hear?

If I knew you were an angel

Would I dare?

If we both were as angels

We could share


Being very sentimental again as are some of my bits

I have a few bits that would make goodish song lyrics

I will look into that later, but meanwhile, if I don’t see you

this evening, you take good care of you

I will see you when you are on line tomorrow

God bless

Little green eyes may they only see the good things.


Golden Tones


I will seek your golden tones

As I walk with you today

Its fear of loosing something pure

That makes me talk each day

I have seen times come and go

Where I have given love just so

To see it walk away


It walked because of greater needs

 Of those so close to me

It wasn’t that it grew tired

Of things that should be

With us I don’t want

The same old thing again

I just want to wander with you

Through thoughtful times domain


Its truth to see of all

 The things that are yours and mine

This my love I pledge to you

 As passes away the time

We have a love that’s special

A repeat it’s yours and mine

I will talk with you

Just put your hand in mine


Hold me so close that

It’s like a squeeze of tenderness

I belong there in your arms

For everyone to see

I will not let you free

To wander life in need

Touch me there in my soul

I will hold you hopefully

I give to you souls that touch


You need in everything you are

It’s pure in thought and honesty

 I love you from not so far

You have captured my soul

I will touch you in the softest way

 That as an Angels sigh

If you should feel this

As it is you will surely die

But not from want or horrid things

 As you lay there in my arms

But from a restfulness that will melt

Your soul into a lovers charms

I should not talk in these strange ways

 As I so do to you

But it’s near impossible

 Because I love you


I need to be with you in many ways

To feel you there all the days

I am frightened that in my ways

 That has long gone before

That I have found you much to late

And cannot ask for more

I feel you there deep inside

Now what do I need to do?


Its heaven to me as I am,

 The rest is up to you

I wouldn’t say those words for us

It’s not the things I usually say

Don’t know what’s come over me

You are there each and every day

Then there’s me wanting you so much

That I fear that I have given so

I wasted too much time in others

As this journey on did go 

For people whom in other days

Have stolen things from me

Such as trust and hope then humanity

You have become as one with my ways

With this sun in our minds

I always fear that I will be left behind

But as you say there will be wonderful days

 When we I will meet by and by

To be as one in separate ways it’s hard I cry 

It just cannot be I have things to see

If whoever runs this show

Should then deem it so

That in future days our ways

Will be the same to see

What more can I want from this life

 Than to be a part of you and me

 To spend just a little time

Held there in your arms to be

The times would stop there and then

In the blind reality 

That would be but a dream

Keep this letter close to you

It’s not for others to see

It’s in its being the very soul of me

That talks to you so truthfully

I have in the days gone by

 Become part of you that now cries


My tears are fading now the keys

As if to say don’t tell of these

These ways you would be

I stopped to wipe away

 The blur of past things from my eye

I of course realise that I want to be

With you, there is no peace for me 

Memories have found the time

 To come and haunt me so

It’s good that I have wiped away

The evidence of their yesterday

 As they would not know

How it has affected my ways

I could scream for many days

they would not see

As I have told to you of me 

In days gone by

I carry these things in my mind

Now there are fewer options to be

For us that’s you and me

That then leaves me with

 A dream that cannot be

I have you there in my soul

It would just kill me to know

 That it is but a dream


My sweet little one I am

 Left in dreams for I feel you so

Touch my soul it now belongs

To you and you, you know

But unconditionally I have

You there where you are

 In places not to far

That it cannot be

Within this life of mine


We will meet one day

But let’s keep us this way

Deep within our souls as one

Until that time comes

There is one place

 I would love to be

With you my soul friend

For all to see


Take care for you for us for we

Us to you from us in me






To feel that the world

Is not fair to me

Is one of my faults

It’s hard for me to see

To sprinkle you with angel dust

Is just a waste of time

Because you are an angel

Deep inside my mind

I will always hold you

As close, as close can be

There no harm will come to you

Then everyone can see

An Angel who’s come from heaven

With star dust in her eyes

One day they will notice her

Then quickly realize

It’s you




As you Grow

The valley grew silent, amidst darkened soil
Just under the surface was complete turmoil
Pushing aside the soil of the times gone by
A blade shaped leaf just for you and for I

The green blade darkened in piercing the day
It feared to spoil the remains of coal dust decay
Then to show the world how wrong they had been
It sent a perfect stem through the blades of green

A stem so strong with buds more than three
It reminded me of you with bells white in purity
There for us to see then for only us to show
That this flower so pure could with us grow

The bells rang the truth for all of us to know
I grew said this flower because I loved her so
In beauty I was for all time they could now see
Thats why they called me Lily of the Valley





The Loving


How you may cry did this world

that has enclosed me.

For long days become so real,

that you would turn from those days

Those days when the sun felt warm

as it played with your skin

Making each  gentle caress of the breeze

a multitude of sins

Did you lose sight of the real you

then only see their wishes

What if they can only see

that which is in their minds

Then you are not what they are looking for

because they are blind

You will shout one day

that you have found all the things you need

It will come in simple form

maybe in one good deed

Carried out by someone

that is not blind to other things

Someone that you could care for

with many inner charms

Who you will welcome one day

into these lonely arms.

I will think of you in future days

for soon there will be,

Something for you to hold on to

and I know it wont be me

For there is a person so close to you,

that you just cannot see

If you just open up your souls eyes

there they will be, for you



Lovily Day

Lovily Day


It’s a lovily day today

I will take you with me

To yukkies

It will make all the yukkies

Turn into yum yums

Stories of pullovers

Will race through my mind

I will touch you all today

Deep in my mind

There are no places you would hide

I asked you and you came inside


I welcome you there, as it’s yours

To be or use or just to see

The things are there for you and me

Millions of words just cannot say

How much there is for you in one day

Now multiply this by all your days

There you’ll find me in your ways

For ever

I am Yenti

I am yours





You are searching for

The things that were left behind

A failing that has held within your mind

A picture that cannot be copied true

So that leaves just this if I were you

I would be gentle on my mind

Then take paths anew

There paint another picture

Just for you