Spirit man about writing.

Spirit man about writing.

I will let the spirit people introduce you to what this is all about.
I record many pieces of talk they have with me through our channel.
Our Channel being a medium in trance, whereby the spirit world,
can use the channel for talking to us on the earth plain.
This was a man’s voice coming through which as you will see,
is a little rare on our communications with spirit,
as most times we talk with the spirit of Sadie,
who helps the children on the other side.
We will talk about Sadie very soon,
but here is the message from the man as it was spoken to me

The mans voice seemed to echo around me but in a loveing peaceful way.

“I come to speak with you
The way you treat your lady
You are a good servant to mankind
It is a pleasure to visit such a person
I wish you joy in all your work
But you do require more energy
To do the things that are required of you to come
You do need to be writing
You will write the words
To help others to understand why they are here
On this physical plain
And you will help them
To get on with their lives and live it,
In the right way
You will have to reach out to many people”.

This was the first contact that let me know that I had to write
up these recordings.

Amanda and Others

Amanda and Others

I walked down the garden and stood at the gate and thought I wonder how the children are today.
The gate opened into the meadow as it usually did , there in the meadow was a beautiful young girl.
I said hello and stood there watching her for a moment as she walked across the meadow stooping now and then to pick a buttercup, the flowers seem to surrender into her little hand and form a glow of yellow with the others that were already there.
“You must be Grandad” she called “Come help me pick a few more
I am Amanda I am picking these for my mother”.
“My Mummy loves the golden colour they give out to everyone”. she said as she picked some more
As usual she mentioned the butter test, holding one up to her chin, seeming to blend with the flower, a beautiful yellow glow under her chin. I think that all the children did this at some time, I enjoyed watching her and as she picked them, they didn’t seem to become less, as if they grew back immediately, it was so smooth that it blended and became whole.
Amanda quickly made a daisey chain, handing it to me, as she passed, saying it was for our channel, Amanda seeme to turn toward the Pooh bridge, and as she went, there was a soft glow of movement and she seemed to blend with the bridge and meadow as a dream of beautiful colours.
I turned to take the Daisey chain into the house, but as I did Annies (our channels) Daddy came by carrying an easil and canvass for painting, and then I heard Sadie laughing, Sadie laughed, saying that it must be a first, that Missie’s (Sadie would call Anne the Missie) Daddy was going to paint, but she had only just finished saying that, and I was going to sugest that his other Daughter Pamela could help, when he returned with a finished picture.
It was a scene of a pathway through some beautiful Silver birches, Sadie just stuttered “That, that was fast!”.
Sadie carried on and said “The picture was the same, as the type that hangs in our art gallery here, the pictures that you can go into if you wished to, so that you can experience the thoughts and feelings of the person that’s painted it.”
Sadie managed to get out, “Well that’s the way things are done here” with the biggest smile on her face, meanwhile Annie’s father had crossed over the bridge and as Amanda faded into the distance seeming to leave a soft haze of gentle feelings with what felt to be a little excitement
I turned and walked over Pooh bridge, on up to the seat there to mull over the things that had been seen here this visit, Sadie came over and sat with me becoming a part of me and the seat we were on. “I only wish that others could see past the veil”, I said to her, this seemed to bounce from her in very sutle colours, and a picture of men pushing a ball up a never ending slope appeared in my mind, this took me aback, but it came to my mind, that we have to continue our struggle where we are, “That’s think talk “, I heard Sadie whisper, then came with the sight of the men being released from their work and taking rest, now you have to understand the meaning, It is the two seperate places one where they toil, then the release, where they find that earned rest. “Now I know why you have to go to school and the Academy I whispered inside”. I could hear someone qiuietly calling Sadie, more like a sugestion than a call, as if arms had been open to embrace someone or something
“Tou is calling me Grandad, I will have to be off now, we have a meeting of the council to go to.”
Sadie seemed to be up and away, without moving from my side, a glowing curtain of Jellow, Yellow, then a soft “Bye Grandad” echoed inside me, but then the quiet desended into my mind and I knew that it was time to be home as I turned and closed the gate, holding a daisey chain that sort of sang in my hands, if you can feel what I mean.



Sadie’s Diaries Pt 12

Sadie’s Diaries Pt 12
Desert Girl

I walked to the garden gate as I usual did, it swung open sending me a stream of very warm air tinged with dust.
I covered my face, in disbelief as I walked through, with touchy steps, as if I was going to walk on glass.
I could hear a sobbing in the dusty mist as I moved forward, there before me, was a young lady dressed in very dark cloths as an Arab girl would from the dry lands of Africa..
She was struggling to walk with the grains of sand clinging to her as if to make her bow in reverence to their subtle power.
There was a beautiful splash of colour and a feeling of gentle love as Sadie joined me there.
On Sadie’s face did I spot a tear, only in my thoughts I remembered, it was as if the sand had irritated her face, I knew this could not be so..
The fact that we could both see the young lady there meant that she was already on the Spirit side, she still called out to her friends to help her, as she didn’t realise that her journey had ended.
She called to her friends, saying that the sand was too soft and the clinging silver sand was gripping her, holding her close to the ground..
“Got to get across” She seemed to say to us, as if she realised we were there, “My friends will miss me, they will miss me”. A tear rolled down her cheek dropping onto the unforgiving sand, disappearing as if it had never been.
Sadie leaned over and took her in her arms as she had many times before, covering her in a colour I had not seen before, which made my tears fall.
Sadie placed her gently on the grass in sight of the waterfall as I walked over to my seat and watched them both as they started to talk.
The waterfall seemed to bend toward them making all the colours you could think of, then some.
I didn’t hear Sadie call or see her do anything, but from the woods came a man and a woman together holding hands, they were dressed in the traditional Arab cloths as was the young girl..
They said something to Sadie, that beamed a lot of love around the area,
Holding the young girls hands one on each side, they turned and as was usual, or what I was becoming use to as usual, they walked into the mist of silver and gold that seemed to have welled up from the meadow as they walked away.. At the beauty of the scene without a word being spoken, the love between the couple and the girl brought more tears to my eyes.
I looked up, there was young Sadie with a beautiful smile on her face, with many colours reaching out to me, as the gate closed behind me, a whisper came across my mind “ Give my love to Granma” followed by Sadie’s little laugh that would make anyone smile.

Sadie then Mazie


Sadie then Mazie

Sadie came running up the garden path to me. “Come on grandad let’s go and walk in the field where the Buttercups and Daisies are”
Alright little one I thought and she just smiled and took my hand.
“Your daddy is in the field there”, she sort of sang to me, her voice ringing softly in my mind.
I saw my Father this was a first for me, away on the other side of the field, there he was with his bull and seemed to be so occupied with the things he was doing, that all I could do was send him a rainbow of love, which seemed to bounce around him.
There heading toward me was his reply, well we hadn’t talked for many years, so there was an absolute stream of thoughts, love and colours racing across the field. Sadie said I will help you for a moment, and quietly held the colours just away from me so that I could select them piece by piece..
It was a beautiful thing to feel and hear the things my Father had been doing and felt,
It took but a few moments to be there with his love and understanding from all those times we had and then the ones after he had left.
Father carried on with his tasks and faded into the distance leaving me feeling full of all the things I thought I had missed.
Sadie said that she was needed and had to go to Tuo so off she went.
Tuo is one of the main teachers and higher Spirits that Sadie seems to work with, they seem to learn together and many a time she is called by him usually at the end of our meetings.
Another little voice came through to me and started to sing in a little high pitched but alright to listen to sound, “We will sing some rhymes” her little voice sang out and it seemed a new game for her to sing all her words.
“It’s a lovely day today the sun is shining away, away, ha, ha, ha, just walking in the sunshine and it’s lovely to be here”,
There in front of me was a little girl dressed as if she had walked out of an old book..
“I is Mazie and I sing Mazie, Mazie, it’s amazing Mazie, and I is happy to be here in the sun and this lovely place.”
“Long live the king! Long live the king, she sang out.
At which I asked which King is that little lady??
“Da, Da, Di, Do, I like singing it’s nice to sing about everything.
“What’s the king’s name? I asked hoping to know where Mazie came from or where she had been on the Earth plain.
Back came the singsong from Mazie.
“The king is dead, the king is dead, ha, ha, ha, long live the king.
“Long, live the queen, but she was now, isn’t she? Mazie asked.
Then she carried on singing again.
“Long live the king now he’s a naughty king long live the king”
Mazie said “It’s a puzzle, it’s a puzzle, long live the king.”
Starting to laugh her words
“Ha ha, ha, he was Georgie”
She turned to me and said. “Grandad you knowded, he didn’t stay he went away, Georgie porgy pudding and pie, ha, ha, he went away”
It was lovely to hear little Mazie singing about her ways.
It is good for me also to try and find a date for where these children come from, it makes more sense of things.
We talked about the place that Sadie had made for them and Mazie said it was so lovely to be able to come back, when they wanted to play with the other children and have talks. She also told me that Sadie talked a lot about a Grandad that visited them from his garden and how he had been allowed to see and talk to the children.
“I just wanted to come and see you for myself” she shrilled.
Thank you little one I said it is wonderful to be here.
There was a hush from the surroundings and Mazie said that Tuo was calling her. Tuo says I have to go so of I go ha, ha.
“ I will come and see you again Grandad she called as she skipped away into the distance sending me some lovely Violet haze as if to wrap around my being, I sent her love as she faded. I turned and walked up the garden path feeling light and happy


Sadie’s diaries-Pt 17

Sadie’s diaries-Pt 17

Charles and Coventry

Today was a little different the sounds of the children playing wafted away as I sat down. Usually they become louder as if making sure I was hearing them.
There walking toward me was an oldish man with a roll of paper under his arm.
“Where am I?” He was saying in a stressed voice, “I must get to Coventry the plans must be looked at”
I asked him why he was so upset and all I could get from him was that the plans were of the Cathedral, and that he had to see that the work was carried out properly.
“I have got to go “he carried on saying, at that, I asked him to sit awhile and tell me what he was trying to do.
“These plans are for the new Cathedral and they must be there so that they can carry on with the work.”
“Got to see to the cathedral and make sure it’s done properly.”
“It will look so nice when it was done!”
“You can’t see it the plans are private, so you can’t see what it is like.”
“I must sort out the plans and make sure they are right.”
I asked “What do you want to do with the plans do you want to check them?”
I asked what the date was, so that I could place the time for the man.
He replied that I was silly and should know the date and that they just had to finish the building, and I also asked him if he was the architect.
“No I am the overseer I am Charles!”
He went on to say that it was very hard to put the two buildings together, so I knew that he was part of the team that rebuilt Coventry Cathedral after the war, where they had to join the old with the new.
Charles must have crossed over during this time and was still worrying about the plans.
This happens sometimes when people are so locked into their work that when they cross over they seem to stay in that time of worry, this is one of the tasks that Sadie carries out where they help the person to see where they really are so that they can continue being, other than the overseer as he called it.
“Charles I will ask my Mother to come and talk to you, as she has seen your Cathedral.” I quietly said to him.
At this he became quiet and at ease with things, and there coming across the grass was a lady I knew so well.
There was a lovely exchange of colour and love between us and a fleeting pause, where we exchanged Charles’s story to her.
My Mother had to mention to me that they called me Grandad there and it was a happy laughing thing for my family.
I have a picture of my Mother in front of Coventry Cathedral during one of her visits to Coventry while Mother was still here with us, so she would be familiar with the building and could probably show Charles the finished building to put him at rest.
Charles was on his feet as his manners dictated and he introduced himself to Mother, they seemed to lose sight of me as I sat there and off they went chatting.
I felt a great love descend upon me as I sat there alone, watching the two of them walk away.
The garden gate closed behind me as I walked up to the house, a tear dropped onto the path as I reached out for the door knob.

Granddads Visit

Granddad visits alone


The very next day Granddad walked to the bottom of his garden.

There he stood leaning on the gate thinking of the day before

Remembering what a lovely dream he thought he had yesterday

As he thought of Sadie, the little gate gently swung open,

This made him jump a little, and there was the meadow.

Where they had walked with all the wild flowers growing,

Buttercups and daisy’s and many others he saw yesterday.

Sadie had told Granddad that this is where the children spend hours

Making daisy chains, and sometimes they made buttercup chains.

The buttercup chains are made for their friends that are too big for daisy chains.

Sadie hadn’t told him what friends were too big and left it at that.


Granddad walked across the meadow, to the wooden bridge.

Across the bridge the whole place became really beautiful.

It was as if it sent out a feeling that brought the scene deep inside

It was a feeling of Love this made Granddad happy and seemed to lift his spirits a lot.

On the right there was a ball pit for the children, with rainbow coloured balls.

They seemed to float around as if held by the breeze.

There was a sand pit for the younger children,

With sand that was the most beautiful golden colour.

The colours seemed to be glowing and warm where ever Granddad looked.

There was a smallish lake Stretching out toward a waterfall

The lake was for the children to swim in Sadie had told him.



The children seemed to be away at the moment.

Then he remembered that Sadie had said that they all go to the Lyceum

The children all attended lessons, so that’s where they are, he thought

A little further up the waterfall, seemed to let the water fall as soft rain.

The water looked as if it was made of silver silk.

There was a pathway on its left side, which slowly climbed upward.

The path reached up into the low hills, to become a beautiful mountain.

Above the mountain there was an eagle flying slowly in circles.

Granddad thought it looked as if the Eagle was smiling at him.

It dipped its wing toward Granddad, as if to say I see you there.


To the left Granddad saw Sally’s Bungalow Sadie had told him that it had the most beautiful garden

a person  could ever wish for, with all the flowers in full bloom.

Sadie had told him that, he could go and see Sally.

Sadie also said that she would come to the door, offering him a cup of tea with two sugars.

If you are really, really, lucky, Sally will make you some special lemonade and some little cakes.

Sadie had said that the lemonade and cakes were for the children that would visit her.

Granddad could see a track along side Sally’s bungalow, but Sadie had told Granddad that it is too far for

him to go.

Rose cottage, was next to Sally’s, and as Sadie said the person that lives there is away at the moment

on a journey some place, but would be there later, then he could meet them.

Granddad walked on past Rose Cottage along by the beautiful woods where it curved around to the path by the waterfall.

From Rose cottage back round to the waterfall is a lovely play area between the wood and the lake on the right.

The woods, had trees from everywhere that Granddad can remember.

Unlike other woods it is friendly and lets you walk there as you wish to.

Sometimes the bird songs will join you, or you can sit in the open glades with a quiet that is like a duvet of softest silk.

At the edge of the woods, looking out over the pools and waterfall towards the mountain,

Granddad saw that a seat had been placed at the edge of the wood facing the waterfall and lake area.

The seat was like none that Granddad had seen before, or sat on. It seemed to be made of wood.

Seemingly made of the most beautiful timber, or something that looks like timber.

Looking soft and inviting as none before carved from the most beautiful tree you could think of.

Granddad sat down on the seat, it was like belonging to the earth and sky and all the things in


He heard Sadie laugh in the distance somewhere and her little voice seemed to speak inside of him

“The seat is for you Granddad, to sit while talking to the children, or whoever passes by while you are here.

Granddad thought, this is so wonderful, “I will come and talk with Sadie and the children, maybe others sometimes”, whoever the others would be, thought Granddad.

I will ask if it is ok to bring Grandma here he thought, with that, there was a whisper inside his head that sang, “Yes Granddad you are both so welcome here” It sounded like Sadie softly calling, but the thought of Grandma closed the gate behind Granddad and he walked happily up the garden path to tell Grandma.

Chapter 2

                                        Granddad and Grandma’s Visit

Granddad was so thrilled that Grandma could visit the places that Sadie had shown him the days before, so off they both went to the bottom of the garden, and as they approached the gate Granddad called Sadie’s name. The gate swung open to greet them both and they walked slowly through.

Granddad showed Grandma all the things, the meadow, the bridge, then along past Sally’s bungalow and Rose Cottage, Grandma was so overjoyed at being there and the love of all the things she saw seemed to bounce around as if a rainbow had flown past them.

They arrived at the Seat and It held them both as if it was part of them. The waterfall seemed to make soft music as its waters floated down, not as it seemed daring to splash, but a little one here and there caught the sun and sent out a spray of colour that whispered to the light, I need you, the light obeyed and ran with the spray making it full of rainbow sparkles.
“Jello”! “Jello”! I love Yellow a little sing song brought

Them both out of the dream they were enjoying.
“Hello Sadie” Granddad said and introduced her to Grandma, as the little girl plonked herself between them on the seat in a flurry of fluffy yellow material , her bright brownish hair floated around her impish face in beautiful ringlets.
Sadie laughed and said “Did I frighten you as you both seemed to be sleeping”?  “I was watching the waterfall little one” he said “it just captured my thoughts” Grandma just smiled and nodded “Dreaming, Dreaming ”  Sadie shrilled .
” But we have things to see today Granddad, I thought it was time that you both met our group here then you will know who’s who” she laughed, “You know Sadie” she laughed, ” It’s me with Jello!  Yellow! that’s my favourite colour, everything is lovely yellow, I love Yellow!” she said to Granddad and Grandma “As it is like sunshine”.

“Here comes our Charlie, he was our channels little boy but never touched the earth plain as a boy, but has grown here with us.
“He talks to his Mummy a lot of the time, but plays here with the others, now he is now 7 or 8 can’t tell really, with his mop of golden hair he is loved by all that meet him. He has grown so well with us, as we all learn here.”
A broad smile grew across Charlie’s face as he sent out a bundle of love that swept over them both and Sadie, “Hello” he smiled and it seemed so lovely and warm it flowed around them. He sat on the seat with us and the seat now seemed larger and curved a little so that they could see him properly without having to turn, or that was the impression it gave.

A lovely girl walked up to us there and Sadie said “This is Julie she belonged to a lady that is the niece of our channel and stayed on the earth plain for a week and then returned to us here. There is always a reason for the little ones to return, but that is of tomorrow things. When all things are made clear, to those that are of the earth plain. These are all lessons and teaching’s she said softly.”
Julie stood tall and so beautiful in her way, with flowing Blonde hair, and the thing that stood out was that Julie was wearing a beautiful pair of black patent leather shoes. Julie said “Hello you must be Granddad and Grandma” as proper as could be, Sadie had told them that Julie was one to be correct in her ways, it was just so and they all loved her for it, as they loved all the children.
Julie was also around 8 to 9 years old in appearance. Julie sat at the end where the seat curved for her to sit, holding her just so.
The children went a little quiet, as up came a young lad, Sadie said to Granddad and Grandma “This is Robert he seems to be 7 or 8 but age is not to worry about, Robert doesn’t talk as we do for as long as we have known him, he has never said a word in any Language, but he think talks, which is a little hard for him, but he is being taught how things are done here, as he goes to school with the others.”

There walking on the grass with a big smile was a boy of about five wearing a tweedy jacket of rough texture and a kilt that was black green and red with tartan socks poking out of his Bobby Shafto shoes’ all topped off with a Tam O’ Shanter hat impishly placed on the side of his head, This is David who used to play and talk with our Lady when she was a young girl he would visit her as Sadie has visited you, but as they were both young it was just to play, with that he sat on the grass in front of Granddad and Grandma.

“Here is the last of our children but not the least” Sadie said, approaching us was a beautiful young girl from what they thought was the early Victorian age, about the 1820’s, wearing a little bonnet that made her ringlets spill out from under the brim, and a little way down to her shoulders, “This is Rebecca “, Sadie said  “Hello Rebecca” they said “Hello Grandma and Granddad” she replied with a slow deliberate voice that seemed to be as soft as silk , Sadie told them that Rebecca couldn’t talk when they first met, and that she had taught her to talk and think talk, Rebecca told them that she was from a long time ago, and was lost for a while, until Sadie came and fetched her, since then she has stayed with Sadie and the others, “I am growed” she said “I am 8 and a half, going on 9 and a half. We stay together, together, here and help all the children we meet, as they arrive here with us, or if Sadie has to fetch them”.
Granddad and Grandma left the fetching bit and accepted all the little girl said..
The children became quiet and just glowed, there walking toward them was an Indian from North America, he was so tall and moved smoothly as he came up to the seat, on his head was a Great Bears head dress, which made him seem much taller. A few steps behind him there walked a very large bear that seemed to radiate colours and warmth,” I welcome you both” The Indian said with a booming voice that seemed to echo around the Valley. “I am Running Bear who is the Spirit guide to our Lady, also the keeper of our children here, you are Granddad and Grandma, and now you are also Granddad and Grandma to all our children, I see that our Sadie has made you comfortable in your new seat, May you spend many hours in our light and ways, with the understanding that it is pure love, that makes the building blocks of all you see and become aware of.”
With that Running Bear shimmered in the light and faded into the distance, with a wave of colour that gave them both such a feeling of belonging and love they could only accept, yet not fully understand. The children laughed and Granddad and Grandma knew they had picked up their lack of understanding, as they sent them warm thought to quiet any questions.
Sadie said to them that they had not noticed that Shuma had gone to a nearby tree and settled down to sleep, “Shuma” so that was the name of the Great bear that came in with Running Bear, “Yes that’s him she whispered, you will find him here somewhere, he wanders around to see that all is well, and is the companion of RB.” she said.
RB,  they understood was the shortened name for Running Bear.
“Shuma is there for the children to be able to cuddle and feel protected by his presence, if they are uneasy about something he is there, and sometimes they seem to just cuddle him as I do. Sometimes we all play games with him as you both will see” Sadie said.
The light seemed to be fading around them and Granddad said to Grandma that it was time that they returned home, so they both bid the children goodnight and thanked them for being there to meet them. “Night, Night” the children chorused with colours tingling with their voices, forgetting that they said there was no night there unless they thought it so.
Granddad and Grandma walked a little way from the seat, and there the garden gate opened and let them through then they just accepted that all they had to do was walk up the garden into their cottage, the evening was that lovely Summer warm, with just a cool breeze that seemed to have a voice on it that said “night Granddad, night Grandma” that drifted through, still it sounded like Sadie’s voice.

Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage

Rose cottage has been empty for a while now and this talk with Sadie this evening told me that someone had moved in.
I sat as usual on the seat and was watching the waterfall and looking around, in the distance I could see the Eagle flying above the waterfall and it seemed to tip it’s wings as if to say Hello.
There was a sudden flurry of flowing silks and lace all a beautiful Yellow
Sadie arrived to talk to me in a flurry of colours, that always seemed to make you shrink a little, she came in plonked herself down and seemed to be a little flustered, saying,” who is that man over there who is he and what is he doing here”?
“That man over there who is he”, Sadie was talking to me as if it was urgent to find out who was there and a little frustrated and kept asking who that man was. I could only shake my head and say I don’t know young lady.
I could feel the energy as she projected her question toward him, rippling soft colours all around his form, then Sadie said “Joe, it’s Joe”,and then carried on to say that she didn’t know any Joe’s that were here with us.I gently said to her “He’s quite welcome to be here and Sadie just said “I don’t know Joe, but as you say he is so very welcome here.”
“It’s ok Joe to be here, but where are you from.
Sadie said “I keep asking him but he just doesn’t say” by this time the colours were flying all over the place as Sadie failed to get an answer.
“He’s just standing there he don’t think talk, Probably because he’s only just arrived here, he don’t talk at all” Sadie said “It’s silly, silly “He can’t talk so someone must teach him to talk” I said. Sadie jumped up in a flood of Yellow and said “I will ask RB (Running Bear) to come and sort it out”.
I said Is that what you normally do, I thought you would do it” Sadie said that the adults were usually accompanied by another adult as it may disturb the new children
Sadie said “I have just asked RB to come and sort it out and he’s there talking to the man, I feels better now” Sadie laughed, “RB knows what to do.”
“Oh dear” Sadie said, you said it would be nice to see RB “Do you want to see him then”? “I know he’s our channels Guide and he may be to busy, we met the last time I was here, when I met the other children” I replied.
“He talks to Annie more than me can you imagine trying to guide Annie or telling Annie what to do”, Sadie Laughed and said “I wouldn’t try”, we had a good laugh at that one, and it seemed the amount of colours jumping around it was enjoyed by both of us. Sometimes we can do things without our channel knowing but don’t you tell her that will you?” Sadie laughed.
“Has RB sorted Joe out yet?” I asked, Sadie came in with “I don’t think so he’s still talking to him, and with that there was a beautiful blue white glow and another person walked across to RB and Joe, then they both turned away and walked or seemed to glide out of sight, Running Bear sent out a soft rainbow of colours to Sadie and shimmered away as he did “It’s sorted” she cried “It sorted”
Who’s in Rose Cottage now I asked as one of my friends wanted to know and maybe we can have have a visit, not sure how we can arrange that though he is in America
With that Sadie said that she would check, and there was that empty feeling I get when they break contact with me I thought that I had finished for the evening so I said “Night, Night little one”
There was a splash of gold and Sadie called out “I have finded out for you
I did it I finded out.” “That didn’t take long” I said.
Sadie told me that she said she would go and here she was again.
“I told you, I told you” she sang “You thought I had gone away Ha Ha ”
Well she went on to tell me that there were two people in Rose Cottage and they were an old couple and really lovely,
The lady’s name is Florrie and the man is George
“Oh that’s ok” I said “That’s lovely we will have someone else to go and see now and maybe I may call on them soon to say welcome home”
“They’re nice, they been together for years and years, together, together, they are lovely
“They use to live in Australia I don’t know if they know anyone there, I know they went over years ago”
They lived in Adelaide in Australia a long time ago, when they went out there the fare was just cheap at £10.00 each person, “Sadie told me.
“My sister Eileen went out then” I said, “That was back in 1949, just after the war, we had.” “Oh I don’t know” Sadie said “War not nice we don’t talk or think much of those things, “It frighten me” she went on to say. “Florrie and George they went to live in Adelaide and they stayed there, later they moved to the outside of Adelaide when the city became to noisy for them.”
“Now they have come back to rose cottage as they had been away visiting their families here, all the ones they hadn’t seen for years, I was told they had a few lovely parties.”
Sadie said that their parties are a lot different to the ones we are use to.
“You will only understand that when you are here, They are such a colourful thing to see and the feelings of love and emotion, surging around, made up of symbols and colours” She displayed a beautiful rainbow of colours to make her point, and it swept over me in love and emotion, I had to feel the rolly polly tears run down my face at the sheer beauty of the feelings.
Sadie paused and then carried on with Rose Cottage.
“They love the cottage so much, as it reminds them of their own Mothers home, also they said that their Grandmother lived in a Rose Cottage so they love this one all the more.”
“It looked like one of those cottages that we call chocolate box houses” I said.
Sadie sent me the perfume, of deep, dark, chocolate, and I just laughed and said “That’s enough of that young lady”
I said that I could bring Grandma to visit them, but Sadie told me that it wasn’t possible even for them, to use a channel and still let the channel be there aware of all around and join in. “We are working on other ways of doing things but it is still to be completed. “They can now have their Grandparents visit them there can’t they?” “Yes they have already told me they are coming here”
Sadie went on to say “It is such a lovely place inside someone must have had a great think time to make it so wonderful”
“There is a lovely coal fire and two arm chairs that will cuddle you as you sit in them, there are logs there by the fire but they are never used as, well you know by now.” They even have one of their own cats there curled up by the fire when I saw them. All the things they think need are there for them and if they want, they just change as they now know how to do these things now.”
Sadie said that the rooms just glowed with the love they had for each other over those many years on the earth plain.
“So all the love you feel for others you just have with you all the tiome and the love others held for you is there to feel and use as it is such a beautiful energy” I said ” “Yes you now can feel some of the things you will bring with you here” Sadie smiled and carried on with Rose Cottage.
“The garden is so lovely, even Sally would be pleased to see it, I feel that Sally may have been peeping over the fence sort of thing” She said
“It has a lovely cottage garden with a vegetable patch at the back, and they have had time to sort out the vegetables, Florrie must like Strawberries as the ones there are so beautiful, you can feel them inside.
There’s a swing in the garden and a lovely fruit tree, that seems to be in flower, and has lovely fruit on at the same time, but that’s here, you have to wait “Sadie laughed
I said “It will be lovely for the children as they will visit them there and will play in the garden”
“Yes” Sadie replied, “Florrie and George love the children and I think that they have already been to see them there, maybe that’s where the swing came from, the swing is of rope and wood and hangs on the bough of a great oak tree, that has sent one of it’s branches over into the garden” “They are so lovely and they have blended it in as if it had been there forever”
Sadie told me that the flowers are beautiful and of course the Roses around the outside at the front, Foxgloves and Hollyhocks, Lavender and so many that the colours seem to sing of love and warmth
“They make Lemon tea, and then they use to drink it cold, I love the tea to be jellow, Yellow, but not to have it cold” she laughed.
“Florrie loves to cook she makes cakes, but she cooks Brownies and they are more American than what you are use to, she cooks them in a square and cuts them up, the other thing she makes is a thing called a flapjack that also sounds American, as we know them as Pancakes
“Don’t know why they cook” Sadie said “As we don’t eat here.
What else are you going to do today young Sadie as it is sleepy byes time for me” I asked.
“I have to go and be with Tuo” She said, and as always I asked what they were going to do today in their lessons.
(Tuo is the main teacher of the children here, most times after Sadie has spoken to me, she will go to Tuo and have a meeting, or Lectures, just to learn more)
The energy level dropped as Sadie left me to go to the lecture, and the quiet descended into my ways, as a comfortable blanket and there was the garden gate swinging open in welcome to me and I walked up to the house…
PS:- When talking to Sadie, or there is a connection the Energy levels seem to be high, but when they go and you lose the contact there is a drop in feelings, you can even feel it when listening to the tapes at a later date……

Sadie’s Diaries-15

Sadie’s Diaries-15

A meeting and Introduction

The little girl stood there, as I sat down on the seat that Sadie had made for me.
At first it was hard to understand her word’s, or more to the point what she was talking about.
It came to me that she was talking about before, “Memory, memory” came through to me in subtle colours of pink woven with a blue usually seen when talking of something not quite right.
“ I am Jenny “ she said “I am looking for the children, there are some things that I need to know.”
“Grandad what are they doing now”? She asked.
I was slow in my reply as I couldn’t make out what was going on in this Sadie’s world.
The little girl just carried on ”We must make a proper place for the older people and the children that have walking problems from before”
That the older people and some young children had to realise that here they didn’t need walking aids.
The girl became a little excited as she spoke about not wanting wheelies, or other aids, and there out of the corner of my eye I could see a small wheel chair that was just dissolving away blending as it did with the surroundings.
At his she said “Bye Grandad” and ran off to find Shuma.
Then came a call from her “Shuma where are you”
It is still strange to me that as they are called one of a few things happen.
Shuma would normally appear at her side or she would go to Shuma.
That Shuma is of the higher level of Spirit it was controlled by Shuma.
Shuma here was being naughty as usual to the children and he was hiding somewhere so that they would have to use their new ways to find him.
The little girl’s voice with lots of colours came back to me.
“I can’t find him, he is hiding, all the children are gone, they have gone to the woods Grandad so I will go and find them”
A little echo came from the woods, “ I have finded them they is here Grandad” this was sent in a glowing yellow trimmed with the sky blue as if the colour carried the voice to me.
“They are naughty Grandad, they are playing here and Shuma is scratchy scratching the tree.”
There in the clearing deep in the woods was a gathering of most of our Spirit friends that are part of this group, as if to reassure each other that they were still part of the whole.
Shuma had now sat down under one of the tree’s and seemed to be asleep, nothing much had changed there.
I think that they were all gathered here to show the little girl who they were and as some of them you haven’t met, I will digress and talk about them.
We all know Shuma he is a kindred Spirit with Running Bear, known as RB, a North American Indian who loves to be in full dress they spend many times together, but Shuma loves to be with the children so spends more times with them.
Sadie, who has made this area for little children was there, in her beautiful yellow dress, her hair of gold spiralling down around her impish face, that has a smile borrowed from the Angels
Charlie, Rebecca, Julie, Robert and the other children were there sitting in a small circle sending the usual colours to each other to paint the expression of the things, think talked about.
Little bear was there he was a smallish Black bear with a white bib, he arrived one day and Shuma adopted him as it were and they both spend many hours just being with the children.
Now today or today to me there are three more of the group you will hear of but rarely see if seeing is the correct phrase.
Exora appears as a Spirit form seemingly dressed in a cloak from top to bottom, Sadie said that someone had asked him to show himself one time and the cloak was opened and there was a beautiful blue glow, as if captured in a globe, but that seemed to expand and contract as a life should be with a peace and understanding being felt by all.
Exora is of the much higher levels of spirit and it is not necessary for him to usually show his form.
The other Spirit forms there, were Crystalite and as the name suggests, appears as a beautiful young lady, so hard to describe as she is more of a vision than a form, also of the higher level of Spirit.
The last of the group here today is Tuo the teacher, originating from Japan and is dressed in all his silken splendour, the children love him so much.
He is also the one that our Sadie goes to each time there is a meeting, or a lecture, later these meetings will be seen to happen many times as I learn more.
There was a beautiful shower of love and colours from all over the clearing, it even made Shuma wake up.
One by one the higher Spirits took their leave of us in the clearing followed by a burst of love so colourful.
Sadie said “Grandad they are leaving to attend a meeting , this I must attend as there is so much to do, I is busy, busy” with that the scene faded into the pathway up to the house, and I could hear Grandma calling me to tea.



Sending and Betty (part 16)

Sending and Betty (part 16)

As these talks come through they sometimes seem disjointed but it is a place of changes and things that are going on all the time, and Grandad is of the Earth plain and just cannot understand the complexities of the other world.

As usual it was a perfect day as I approached the seat that Sadie had made for me
I sat down and there in front of me was that lovely Sadie, “Hello Grandad” she flowed with love and a sprinkling of yellow joy.
She started as if in a hurry to let me know of a friend Grandma and me had been worried about.
“Crystalite has gone to help your friend Pat in Spain “she retorted.
“They all going “she carried on.
“We will send the Eagle to watch over her, and they will give her lots of energy, and Patty will get better very fast”.
We had a friend in Spain that was ill and they were having a load of problems with the weather, so I had asked Sadie for a little help.
Sadie said that she had to go and help someone so I was left there to watch the children play.
One of the children was telling another to go and rest and sit under the tree there with Shuma and to snuggle down and sleep, telling her that they would see her later, this was done and there was a swirl of colours around them both as if they were laughing with each other.
A little girl came and plonked herself down on the seat and started to tell me about the fairies.
“Those fairies look what they have done it’s not nice, they have made a big hole in the garden.” “What they do that for.”
This she went on to say and to me sitting there it didn’t make much sense
“You can fall through and I don’t know what is in the hole, they say it can be in two places at once.”
She walked over to the hole and looked in, then came running back to me saying.
“You can see little tin soldiers on the side board, what do you do with them?”
I answered saying “You can play with them, then put them in their boxes, or play wars with them!”
“We don’t play wars here she said it is not good, I don’t like wars can we put them away?”
“They are nicely painted” I said and the little one came back “Not want them, “Can I have some Pretty, Pretty’s?” she asked.
I remembered that Sadie had told me that energy balls were so beautiful and restful so I suggested to her that she have some of those instead.
“You can play with them and they will make lovely colours, and make you feel so much love.”
“It is time for me you to sleep” I whispered.
“No, no, no, no!” Came the reply.
“I wanted to come and see you,”
“Have you seen your friends Grandad?”
“You can come and see them whenever.”
I then remembered the little girl’s name was Betty from a month or so ago.
“You are Betty I remember all the, no, no’s.”
I remembered that Betty was very young when she first spoke in her no, no, way
“Where did you live Betty?”
“I lived in the slums just don’t want to talk about it.”
Betty got upset about her past so she had to be quietened down.
I spoke softly to her and said that any time she wanted she could come here to talk to me or play with the children.
“Shuma is by the water playing with little bear, so you can go and play.
“Want Shuma for cuddles, lots of snuggles and cuddles it’s lovely to be with Shuma.” She came back to me.
Off she went and held on to Shuma appearing to merge with his lovely golden coat.
At this the garden gate closed behind me and I heard the blackbird’s shrill warning of my approach to the house.


No no no no
Whats the No no for we can talk now so not need the no no’s
it’s what RB says coventry i got to go there What you got to go there for
Got to see to the catheadral and make sure it s done properly
It looks nice when it was done
You can’t see it the plans are private so you cant see what it is like I must sort out the plans and make sure they are right Ask my mum do yopu know her
What you want to do with the plans do you want to check them what date is it summer or winter
Silly you should know soyou should know what the date and is they only got to finish it just to do that and it will be finished was you architect
no I was overseer I am Charles it is hard to put the two together it was a mess so we have to build them both together it hard

little kitty just arrived it just arrived a little one so i will look after it what do I do with it I would give it to charlie he will knoew what to do with it Thats done then so it will be alright So it’s night night
who saying no no no
talking low gone
Shuma gone whats he gone for dont know little bear is gone everybody is gone where are they better see tuo then No no no
Ask the eagle to takle you up and you will be able to see

Imiterial imaterial
thats a funny name spose you dont want to talk to me now
Something wrong will have to wake her as bad feelings going on
woke up
What was you dreaming about I dont know ok
Whats going on now you supposed to be sleeping
I dont know what to do
whats the problem
I dont know what the problem is No no no
everything is alright now its alright
Who do you want to see Cant see
Just open your thoughts and you can see all the peoples
are you a happy girl Ye Ye Ye what you doing you dont talk very plaion do you
I said Oh dear theres no need for oh dears now


Using Legs- Sadie’s Diaries-18

Using Legs- Sadie’s Diaries-18

I was in the Garden and as usual was talking to the plants, it was such a lovely day and I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t see Grandma coming down the path toward me.
Grandma said “Boo!” at which I just jumped, turned and gave her a hug.
Then we both heard the little girl sound coming from beyond the gate, so we both headed that way, as usual as we approached the gate opened.
There in the meadow was a pretty little girl, on the grass with the Buttercups and daisies surrounding her. She was calling Oh, Oh, Oh, as if she was hurt, grandma asked her what was wrong.
“What did I do with them”? She cried “Where are they”?
Grandma said “What did you do with what little one”?
“The legs where did they go, what did I dooded with them”? She carried on in her tiny voice. “Are they still there”?
As we had known Sadie and her friends for quite a while now, we knew that they didn’t need their legs, and they only had them when others that were new or would need to become adjusted were there to see.
Grandma talked in whispers to the little girl and all of a sudden her face beamed.
“Here they are Grandma.” She called “My legs is back”
At that the little girl got up and caught Granma’s hand and they walked off toward Pooh bridge where we could hear Charlie and David playing.
“Hello Grandma, Hello Grandad” They called out as we approached the bridge. “We are playing Pooh sticks it’s such a fun game, there on the stream was a golden line as if a thread of gold had been laid across the stream just on one side of the bridge, Charlie and David were on the other side of the bridge with a stick each in their hands. This they dropped into the water.
Charlie’s stick was a beautiful green that seemed to radiate the colour of the summer trees. These feelings come as you see things they have it is a part of their ways of telling each other things and Grandma and Me were not quite up to speed with their ways yet, and David’s stick was a lovely auburn with what appeared to be flecks of gold glinting as he dropped it into the water. David said it reminded him of his Mother’s hair as if it was a fire with gold and it kept a memory alive, not that he couldn’t see her whenever he wanted to.
The little girl watched as the two boys ran to the other side of the bridge.
“I win, I win” shouted Charlie as he did most times, with a great smile on his face.
“Hello Christine” they called “Do you want to play Pooh sticks”?
“No thank you” she replied, “I am going to find the others and go for a walk, now I have founded my legs” She laughed.
Holding out her hands to us, we accepted and let her walk us to the seat by the woods, the seat seemed to be calling us.
So we both sat down and watch in awe as the children played.
It was so beautiful, as they stretched colours between them and found many colours that we hadn’t seen before.
The colours seemed like elastic, in that they stretched and contracted between the children, sometimes in circles and then as if they were dancing without contact, bar the coloured ribbon of light they formed there that danced for and with them.
Grandma said that it was time for tea as she held out her hand, as the gate closed behind us, and up to our cottage we went, full of light and colours.