A New Way


Can you see yourself the child asked?
In my view was a child dressed in Yellow
“I know you” I said, but did I speak.
“I know you too Granddad”.

“It was as a moment ago”, she said
“That I spoke to you, and of you,
and yes I heard you, now I see you.
You are now a part of us always.”

I knew of this place and it is so true,
the beauty and peace. Was I awake?
“Not awake you are just aware,
know that we are in a beautiful place.”

“You told us you would come” she said,
“To help us in our tasks here.”
“Yes” I said, “It is for me to do
I will help you as it is pure love.”

“I will learn to listen and find the children,
those that need to be here also, but are lost
A loss that they cannot understand
Life left in many places so swift without reason.”

That final Journey held at bay,
a calling for help noticed only by our way
Then with our hands we reach out to them,
We walk, listen, then reunite them with their love

Seeking out finding those Spirits lost,
bringing them back home to us
This is as we have been asked to do
For them to return to the home of everyone

Mind hit


The air exploded shattering into countless shards of colour
It was not real she thought
How can it be that the world is so still?
Yet there rippling at the fabric of being
How did it happen the power where did it come from?
The soul cried I did it for you my love
I did it for you
The eyes welled to their depths
Making emerge tiny crystal droplets
From the depths full of colour
Blinding the sight that had shattered the space