A herd of Antelopes
fought an army of ants.
As the colony, swarmed into life.

The shrewdness of the apes kept the
Flange of Baboons at bay,
While their tribe was in conference.

The cete of badgers was blamed
for the culture of TB Bacteria
That their colony had spread

A sleuth of bears
Ganged up on a colony of beavers.
After the Sloth of bears
Were invited into the beavers lodge
Watched over by a pack of polar bears

A flight of bees, were in a swarm
Leaving the hive in a grist
Watched by a congregation of hungry birds

The disimulation of birds,
Joined in one large flock
with a flight of their fellows

A volery of birds looked on
As a sedge of bitterns returned
to became a siege on the plain.

A singular of Boar
Moved as a small herd
A sounder sight could be seen.

A brace of bucks
becoming a clash
disturbed a chain of Bobolinks

A herd of Buffalo
disturbed a rabble of butterflies
To become a swarm on the wing

An army of caterpillars
Rose in the wake of buzzards
As the flock of camels walked by

A clowder of cats caught our attention
in their clutter, they became a nuisance
A glaring pounce of the old ones

I recall the kindle they were
A litter in a kendle
I think the dout was weary of the
Destrustion of their wild friends

Today we have a kine of cattle
That to cowboys is a drove
Commonly called a herd
We will select a yoke from the team
To visit a herd of chamois in the Alps

Hear that brood of chicken chicks
A mere flock that peep together
The chattering of a clutch of chicks

A cartload of chimpanzees
Clambering after a herd of chinchillas
Hunted by a quiver of Cobras

A siege of cranes
Rush to feed on a bed of clams
before a flight of cormorants arrive

A rag of colts not held to a bull
call them a rake to smooth things over
after you bury a lot of conies

A sedge of cranes
destroyed a cover of coots
chased by a band of coyotes

The storytelling of crows is fabled
At the congregation of crocodiles
Used as a float by many

The murder of crows
By a herd of deer
Was told it was a leash that did it.

The Roe dear made a bevy
for the wake of a parcel of deer
Fed to the kennel of dogs

A small litter of dogs
Had become a pack
Feeding on a pod of Dolphins

A drove of Donkeys
Went by as a pace
Just a small herd

To Always Be With Us



To Always Be with Us

Little fellow with a heart of gold

You gave to us a thousand fold

Unconditional love was there from you

It helped us the days to walk through

Now your journey of life done

You still are there in fun

In joy and love as before

You have just opened another door

One day as the time goes by

We will meet again you and I

 Where love is everything to share

Little Noah we will see you there