Perfect weather

Sitting in the summer garden
Inner energy and outer climate are one
Seamless Passion

My body and nature world
are one perfect harmony.
Self and universe are one pure unity
Perfect Weather

Sitting in the garden
Being one wholeness.
I love the summer
Everything beautiful
Creation wonder

Human life Miracle.


The two races


I see them
they race for freedom
across a road
they scream
as they are
walking wounded

They are shouting joy
at being rescued
for finding an exit
Dark forms scatter
those full metal jackets
randomly cut into bodies

A curse and cry
From voices worldwide
Condem those that kill
Help is cut into screams
Tired shops no refuge.
The carrion will circle
Their eyes and senses
Talk to them in many forms

What’s this I hear
There is another
Trail of Women
Children and men.
I hear them as they sing
I see their trail of change
No more pain No more
A feeling of purity

There in their view
As they are held
Shines a pure light
Each to their God
They run dance and sing
Songs long forgotten
That we all know
It is when we know

Their journey is now
It lasts forever
Yet they rejoice at it
No longer having to hold
Free of all earthly pains
A joy to once again retain
The love of all they meet
The ones there
They have waited to greet.
A silence of eternal love
Takes them home


A note to Steve


your poetry
be it a feeling of the things you perceive
or a way that others cannot see
It only matters that you know of those things
There you have to be true to your own self
No simplification of your words
as they drift on the dreams of time
To talk to you young Wolf
I have to drift off to part of your world
that is shown to me.
The Elders bless their hearts
Have awful trouble making me see all things
Yet I still ask them to show me
There in the dim light of a sun
Shines their wisdom
It transposes worlds and ways.
I have touched the Dream think
of the Aboriginal way
Then others that are hidden
deep in others ways.
You seem to be on the border,
where the light is diffused
Hanging as the northern lights in curtains
Interwoven at the will of energy
There on the Earth is that lone wolf
that can reach to the heart of stars
Yet once again held in the arms of Gaia.
I am glad that you can see some of my ways
One day or just at eventide
When the Chinook wind
drifts across the face of the land.
There you will see me, as we really are.
A spirit held in a frail form
Destined to struggle momentarily
Still held with the beauty of for ever.
Eternities held too long where spirits meet.
What else can I say to you out there.
I spoke to you when you were having coffee
The window of the cafe was a little misted
Your eyes could only see a short distance
If only you had looked inward young Wolf.
This will give you more of an insight
To the things I feel as I move
Now Gaia is holding me fast
as I must rest for a while..

Yours as always, Ian.T

A Life


Formed of thought
Drown days
Laughter in the distance
Chill winds
Then glowing embers
Reaching out
touch the velvet.
If the shade is right
Drink it
In dreams
Tarry not
where cloth is worn
Time is always
Clasp it
To your chest…



5,25Liters (21x250ml) Water

800g (4x250ml) Sugar

20ml Jamaican Ginger (from pharmacist)

10g packet (15ml) active dried Yeast

150 (250ml) Seedless Raisins

Combine half water with sugar in large saucepan, stir over heat

Until sugar has completely dissolved.

Bring to boil. Remove from heat.

Add remaining water and Ginger.

Pour 250ml mixture into bowl, sprinkle yeast over surface, stir well.

Return to remaining mixture, add raisins.

Cover and set aside in warm, draught-free place

 Until raisins rise to the surface, six to eight hours, or over night.

Strain mixture; pour into dry, sterilized bottles.

Screw on lids or caps securely, store in refrigerator.

Serve as is, with ice cubes, or dilute with soda water if too sweat

Makes about 5 Litres

Spring Fever


SPRING FEVER (theory of relativity shop)
Submitted by scribbler on Fri, 2013-05-31 02:37

Sitting in a poplar’s shade
on this late spring afternoon
while heat sends shimmers in the glade
summer time will be here soon
A drop of sweat dives off my nose
as I sip on a cold sweet tea
I can’t shed any further clothes
for it would show too much of me
Bumbling bees provide a hum
as they pollinate the varied flowers
a toneless tone which leaves me numb
after hearing it for hours
The air’s so lazy it won’t stir
and barely deigns to support birds
the kind of stillness that occurs
at unexpected obscene words
Eyelids start to slowly drop
my breath becomes measured and deep
just as the world appears to stop
I drop off into a tranquil sleep…

Spring Fever

Come sit with me in poplars shade
On this Spring day, late in the afternoon
Where the heat shimmer distorts the glade
I feel that summer will be here soon

Teardrops of sweat drip off my nose
Sit with me, sip on a cold sweet tea
I am down to near all of my clothes
I would scare, by showing more of me

Impossible Bumble bees flight emitting a hum
Gathering the pollen of a variety of flowers
Listening to their toneless noise leaves me numb
Heard from morning into the evening hours

Crazy air so tired and lazy it won’t be stirred
Hardly enough energy to support the birds
Listen there in a stillness that has occurred
Festooned with some strange obscene words

I see your eyelids starting to drop
Our breath become measured and deep
Our world seems to drag and stop
We both drop off into a tranquil sleep

By Scribbler and Yenti



The lights dimmed, disolving into the velvet night
Soft sheets gathered her form into their open arms
Music from afar touched her mind in gentle waves
Holding her in a love of just being alone

Friends had left earlier for their own needs
Two days of peaceful dreams touching her ways
An excuse they made, but they exposed her smile
Two lazy days of reading as dreamtime captured her

Puzzling moments that seem to hold nothing
A comforting nothing that washed over her
Feelings hovered about her, gently sweeping through
Seemingly lost in a world of perfect loneliness

This was perfect. too perfect in its being
A natural extreme that she loved about being alone
Nothing to disturb and distract, though pleasantly queer
She felt the dream carry on in its tranquill emptiness.

Feelings like to that of being dead, drifting forever.
Feeling nothing, a cloak of herself, that defied structure
Just a form, no perception, sleeping on heedlessly.
Racing away as the dreams took to their journey

Fields of black that she could feel under her running feet
Clinging to her hair, felt throughout her body’s form
A kind of empty coldness, without life or being
She tired of running, tired of the sleep state

Breathing in slow undulating waves that touched the shore
It was still and measured, deep, slow and recuperating.
Trumpet sounds cascaded into her dreams jolting a response
Many thoughts pressed her, as she reached for the phone

Why is the morning not here, it should be outside my window
Six in the morning a natural time to leave dreams behind
But it was still dark, darker than she remembered.
Possibly a moonless night, but that was odd for the night ?

There were no lights black had invaded like a blackout
Reaching for her timepiece, it seemed to be out of reach.
A strange feeling held her form not known before
Not standing or sitting, how could this be, just being?

Slight panic touched her way as if to question reality
Restless dreams screamed life into her mind
She called out yet there was only her mind shouting
Her body moved though it felt as if she flowed

The panic died away as spatial perception disappeared
No left hand, foot or right of any feelings that should be,
Yet a quiet awareness of herself just being there
This moment became a reality and stretched to eternity

“The Meaning of Life”

This was written in the Nineties by a young girl after her Brother had been accidentally shot….

“The Meaning of Life”

Life is the most precious gift given to us by God

Life is also something that is taken away from Mankind in the twinkling of an eye,  a person’s life is not something that to gamble with.

You are here now and before you know it your life can be taken away from you.

This is what happened to a sixteen year old named Trevor Kaylas, he was like a sunbeam in the life’s of those who was close to him, and loved him, but just as suddenly, a thunder storm appeared and the sunbeam went away.

It is something that no-one can explain only our heavenly Father, in church we as God’s children are taught not to ask “Why did God had to let it happen”

Trevor Kylas lived in Eden Park with his family, his parents and his brother and sister. Craig and Bernice, Trevor was like any other sixteen year old, full of mischief and full of life, but on Saturday morning the 13th of April his life was taken away from him without any warning, or without a word of goodbye to a friend or a loved one.

He was the innocent victim, a bystander that got shot, and was taken away from his family.

We might think why did God let this happen to him he was on the verge of his life. It is only human to ask such questions but what we do not is, that maybe God had something better for him in store in the beyond, and God can see further than any human being. Sometimes he let these things happen because it is for the best.

The pain that you feel when your loved one is taken away is unbearable, but with time you learn to live with it even if it takes a hundred years.

So to our Sunbeam that is a servant of God know I love you, and still love you very much, even though we fought a lot, but it is natural for a brother and sister to fight, and we had a lot of good times together which I will never forget,

With Love from your Sister Niesa..

Always and forever each moment with you

Is just like a dream to me that somehow came true.

Rest in peace Tawaras.. God be with you..

Terror in the Halls

Terror in the Halls
What if tomorrow the world stops in spin
And the ones that were hated dared to win
Whist if someone goes crazy like times before
and an unnoticed child brings hell through the door
Will tomorrow be our last
ending in our death
Pleading for our lives as we take our last breath
Eight school shootings in the past two years
What were once nightmares have become daily fears
Silent halls turn into blood baths in action
As the killers move on with a new satisfaction
What happened to security and tightly locked doors
What drove these kids looking for so much more
The little mysteries we may never understand
So many lives taken by barely a man
We shouldn’t have to worry when we go to school today
For someone’s life is shatters causing the innocent to pay
How did these kids get so easily inside
Without any purpose or reason to hide
Well today I stand up, and I stand up tall
And I vow to stand against any more terror in the hall


To One I Love (from my Mother)

To One I Love


When we first met just casually

Your handshake firm and strong
It awakened that spark in me

That I thought was dead so long

Two eyes so understandingly

Looking quietly into mine

Saying try to be happy again

Let your love be with mine

Before the ends of time

To ease your heart of pain

We parted for a little while

This did not break the tie

As when I came back again

Another life was nigh

One night we walked away from town

The street lights and the crowds

To a little bridge across a stream

We stood in moonlight pale

As there it was my heart so full

I told you I loved you so

I could not keep the tears from you

As something urged me on

Though you said that love could not be

I knew that we were strong

With bursting heart I gazed far away

Prayers to the one above

The moon and stars seemed brighter

As you answered of my love

My heart was so much lighter now

As “I love you” brought a smile

Through my tears of feelings so

Now that the barriers were broken

This solitude would go

I‘ll always be contented now

When waiting patiently for you

Knowing that you share my happiness

I thought could never be

This means the entire world to me

To hold your hand and feel you near

Was to me just a spot of heaven

That one day that we would share

Since we have shared our love as this

Then let it never be

For you to say in your own world

That you are not good enough for me

We cannot plan our lives it’s true

But love was kept for you and me

As we journey on


V. B. Howard