Annie’s journey

Annie’s journey

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Chapter One

1949 A village life

Annie was born in 1945 in a small Leicestershire village, it was a lovely place to live except for one thing, and everyone knew everyone else! The local policeman would find you out if you had done something wrong and clip your ear and send you home to Mum and tell you that he would speak to your Mother later on in the day. The children would be terrified but they would all tell their mothers that they had been caught; as it was worse if you didn’t. She was the youngest of eight children. The elder brothers and sisters would say she was spoilt but Annie defiantly thought not their parents were very strict in their up bringing, discipline was high on the agenda, each child had their jobs to do, but they had a good life compared to many in the area.

Annie was a little girl of four years old, she was a happy little thing, always smiling and chatting, but there was something different about her, she spoke to dead people! She was always talking to these other people that no one else could see, but she was happy doing so. Her parents just thought she had imaginary friends and was happy in that knowledge after all didn’t all children goes through a stage when they had imaginary friends?

Annie was rounded in figure with long red hair which she hated with a passion maybe it was because all the elderly ladies in the neighborhood would say silly things such as “ did your Mummy leave you out in the rain to get rusty” Or another one was “ I see your Mummy has been giving you too many carrots!” Annie was a shy girl, she didn’t much like it when people called to speak with her Mummy, and she would run and hide away.

Daddy was always at work; Annie didn’t like that very much as she loved her daddy. She would wake up early in the morning just to be with him before he went to work at the bicycle shop, he went to work on a motorbike which was great fun and when it was time for daddy to go to work, Annie would jump on the back pillion seat and hitch a ride just to the bottom of the street, she would run back home after planting a kiss firmly on Daddies cheek.

They all lived in a large corner terraced house, which lead to open fields; it had a private road and a stile, which you climbed over to gain access to the first field. Annie and Mary her sister would go into the field and sit and dream of all the things they would do when they grew up. Mary was a pretty girl with long blonde hair, very petite. People would say she had the look of an angel; Annie laughed at this as Mary was very tough, she always had her own way in all things and got away with many misdemeanors, due to her innocent looks! Mary also hated the fact that Mummy always wanted her to take Annie everywhere with her. Annie was so boring; she didn’t talk to her friends but instead would speak to these stupid people that no one could see! Mary’s friends would laugh and say that Annie was cracked!

Everything changed when Annie turned five, her birthday was in September and she started to school on her birthday! Not that Annie minded, she couldn’t wait to start school as she was the only one at home and felt left out. So she bounced to school holding Mummies hand, she turned to Mummy at the school gate and said “you don’t need to come in with me, I am a big girl now” but Mummy insisted on going along to the class room with her, why?  She really did not know. It was such fun being at school; so much to do, but it was a little frightening meeting other children. Annie was a bright child always wanting to learn, always ready to please but still liked to be on her own and would often be found talking to people that no one could see!

What everyone didn’t know was that Annie was speaking to what is commonly known as the dead, but she knew it was Spirit. She knew that when people died they went onto another dimension which was called the Spirit World. As other people didn’t understand about this, she found that they thought she was mentally disturbed, so she began to realize that it was best not to tell others about these Spirit friends. She even managed to push them away from her life totally for a time during her teenage years.