Late at Night thoughts

As I listen to songs drifting by
There is a quiet that tends to my dreams
Where are all those people out there?
Hovering in the ether, making no sound

I wonder how you are that you are so,
Where are the aches and pains of life?
The ones we talk of most days.
Has sleep overcome your ills and pain?

I will shout at your dreams and wake you
I shall send healing so warm to open your eyes
Is it me that is awake to the silence?
Talk to me as you re-awaken into this world

Here in the glow of computer screen I wait
Should I bother with being polite to your ways?
Let me lock my mind inside the peace of me.
I will answer your thoughts and send you dreams

Tomorrow is no longer a retreat it is not there
Only the now presides over this realm
I have spoken of these things many times
Is it failing to be heard in those awakened dreams?

Talk to me of things in this now, or past being.
Deal thoughts as playing cards waiting for the snap.
Be childlike in those thoughts more pure again.
I always listen to your ways, be they dreams or of the now.

I have to journey on in my now and will wait for you
Later as we take another tract that the universe calls
I will be there so just whisper my name,
They call me Grandad or correctly Alexander.

Just ask Sadie

My Dear Friend

My Dear friend,

Time passes and I sometimes cry,
One by one my friends seem to die
Let me at least take the lead this time
I don’t mind, I know the journey will be fine.

But my friend let’s wait a while before I go
There are many things I wish to know
All these years we have known each other
I have loved you so, like one of my Brothers.

It is not of you I need to know, but your Sister
Did you know that I always loved her so?
Time again reared its nasty head.
We separated, sometimes I wanted to be dead.

Here I am many years still clinging on you see
Sometimes regretting what distance did to me
But I found that through all the years away
A memory that held you both so close today

Promise me that you both will stay as you are
The distance in my thoughts is not that far.
I can touch you both easily as day on day
I think of you both there in my loving way.

Tell her that my love is as it has always been
Pure and strong, no this is no dream
It is the way things have always been
You my Brother, and your Sister my Queen.

I shall leave instructions for you to be told
That I have journeyed on to a place I know
Just to let you both feel and become aware
That the warm breeze you feel is me, I am there.

Yours, a Brother, and an infinite love always.