Little AK

That I would write something new this evening.
Here at my desk I have spread my thoughts.
I reach into my pocket to make sure you are safe.
I feel that you are in dream land, and at peace.

I will walk with you on the golden sands.
There whispers of the universe play in dreams.
I was here a while past in lavender fields.
There you are walking toward me, no footprints seen.

A need is there to be at rest, as we fold in velvet sheens
Deep dreams is where we can be, and be seen.
There is a new kind of love that we can dream
I touch your soul with thoughts of being whole.

Time can be cruel to us as we have journeyed on.
Now we will make up a new song, to be in our new ways
One place as physical beings treading paths
The other in Spirit, where dreams are fulfilled.

Here we can be without talk just a whispered thought
This is far from the things we knew, a love anew for you
A fulfillment of hope and many thoughts for me
Together we will win, just wait and see.

Sit awhile in the quiet of your beautiful mind.
Let worries of the world and past, be left behind
Think thoughts of only things that will caress your soul
Then together we can make everything just so.

Never let the world in any form touch your ways
Only if you wish it too, as you think of better days
Just let us hold each other’s worries for always
They will mean nothing and make us so free.

Always remember that we can walk on Golden sands
No matter where we are or in which lands
So I will let you listen to the Oceans swell
In the mornings light I shall wait so you can tell

That from this day as we wander life so
We never have to let either of us go
As there is no time where the sands are strewn
Just go visit there and whisper my name.

In a blink of an eye you will see me there….