To my loves

To my loves
Who number few what on earth do you think i would do
without you to hold me so well
there are things locked in minds that I can never tell
of things felt with you all there by my side
this journey will be so dull if we had not been as we are
for to love you there or here from afar is more than to be
i love your ways the tales we tale of now things and of bygone days
i love you all as the autumn comes to this land which i find
walking with me there are loves that i see by the shores of destiny
that i love them and they me
to those loves that are for ever in my mind you will never be left behind
take me where so ever you may go as truth is pure i love you all so
To those that realise that my love for them is in my eyes
that cry tears for them in days gone by till they walked with me
then i held them high there their tears i would kiss and dry
in lands afar we fly for fun to live some lives we have just begun
to love you so that people know who you realy are
Be loved i say by this humble one
who would walk with you in morning suns
to hold you as you held me our love to last eternally
Be truth to those you love around
that i am here i make no sound to disturb the air that holds you there
i am inside of all your ways there to be for all the days you need me
My love for you touches all the ways you need of me
it can be there for all to see its just a case of if it will be told so
One day as winter takes its toll of people that we all use to know
let me be there for your memories still in your mind
as fresh as the a day you did find me there
waiting for you to hold and share
a life that’s pure and true in all the things you are and do
Always remember that i will always love you


About Yenti

Ian T Howard Born in the village of Hawkeridge Wiltshire in March 1942 into a family of eight, memories of these early years can be dated to, June 6th 1944, I remember the sky filled with aircraft,. My Sister was born on the 22nd of June that year and made are family up to ten. Our family was Mother and Father four boys and four girls, so you can guess that we had a great time, though our style of life was limited to our income. I could read at a very early age of three, I think that this was the grounding for my imagination, and ability to write. My writing started more during my senior school years, with the entry of one of my bits, as I call them, into the school magazine, of Matravers School of Westbury Leigh Wiltshire. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15, and started writing in an exercise book, this I still have, one of my poems in there is the Valley, made from early days of playing around the countryside, when a small hole in the ground became a canyon. . Over the years of writing and changes in life, having my own family grow up around me, and then the parting of the ways as some families do. Also the passing on of my parents, two sister's and two brother's, having their influence on my thoughts. Then remarrying into a loving state, that has Spiritual connections, my writing has evolved into a wide variety of works that reflect my interpretation of the things around, not only in a factual way, but sometimes with a deep philosophical outlook with a soul to each and everything. I have through the connection I have with the Spiritualism side of my present life, recorded a great number of talks with the Spirit world as they are related to me, most times through Anne my wife who is an International Medium. These talks with spirit are recorded from semi trance times, when there is a connection between the two worlds, mostley when the Spirit girl Sadie comes through to talk to us using the Mediums voice, there are other Spirits that come through but this will be clear as we carry on through the tapes day by day, I will leave you to be at peace with all things. Here is an intro to my wife Anne and the influences that spirit has on our lives and the way that the children communicate with me, Yours, Ian.T Anne's words on the spirit world:-
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