Ink To Write Poetry

The ink is on its way, as black as the velvet of empty space.

This gives you so much, as its drops shall become as figures on a white expanse that tell stories, for us all it will stand out on the white virgin pages.

There you will mingle with the kings of poetic forms, words formed as a stark blitz against the snow as if you or I had drawn out life in coals on its surface.

There are many things that this ebony wet creature will do for you it may coil in forms not seen before, yet is understood to be the ways of old.

There far out in a shady place, where a path winds its way to a thatched cottage door, the dark eyes of a man will pierce the day for you.

Sending out the thoughts to you of an age we have near forgotten, he smiles and holds out his hand to you in a gesture of understanding, as he cannot stay.

It had been his ways many days before, and life to him was a verse written in old English on heavenly scrolls, that even the Angels pass from one to the other, yet mere mortals still sometimes fail to understand what is written.

We must therefore draw out the coils of that dark wet serpent and make new beginnings, futures that can gladden the hearts and eyes for generations to come.

Walk without touching the place you are, let dreams swirl around your form, the dreams for the children to be, fly in scudding clouds , swim in deep Oceans feel their energy and be alive without living.

Find the peace in a babies cry, feel the transparent tears of the old as they rush to their Winters without fear, that they cry is for those that they leave behind.

Scribe with your quill, all these things, then say thank you to the energy patterns, that have evolved to make you whole, waste not the light as the light that beckons you  is far stronger.

The ink is in the inner soul but there it is a beautiful thing as it absorbs all colours the quill is make of a feather from an Angels wing given with the love of all men,

Yours Ian.T and Friends

About Yenti

Ian T Howard Born in the village of Hawkeridge Wiltshire in March 1942 into a family of eight, memories of these early years can be dated to, June 6th 1944, I remember the sky filled with aircraft,. My Sister was born on the 22nd of June that year and made are family up to ten. Our family was Mother and Father four boys and four girls, so you can guess that we had a great time, though our style of life was limited to our income. I could read at a very early age of three, I think that this was the grounding for my imagination, and ability to write. My writing started more during my senior school years, with the entry of one of my bits, as I call them, into the school magazine, of Matravers School of Westbury Leigh Wiltshire. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15, and started writing in an exercise book, this I still have, one of my poems in there is the Valley, made from early days of playing around the countryside, when a small hole in the ground became a canyon. . Over the years of writing and changes in life, having my own family grow up around me, and then the parting of the ways as some families do. Also the passing on of my parents, two sister's and two brother's, having their influence on my thoughts. Then remarrying into a loving state, that has Spiritual connections, my writing has evolved into a wide variety of works that reflect my interpretation of the things around, not only in a factual way, but sometimes with a deep philosophical outlook with a soul to each and everything. I have through the connection I have with the Spiritualism side of my present life, recorded a great number of talks with the Spirit world as they are related to me, most times through Anne my wife who is an International Medium. These talks with spirit are recorded from semi trance times, when there is a connection between the two worlds, mostley when the Spirit girl Sadie comes through to talk to us using the Mediums voice, there are other Spirits that come through but this will be clear as we carry on through the tapes day by day, I will leave you to be at peace with all things. Here is an intro to my wife Anne and the influences that spirit has on our lives and the way that the children communicate with me, Yours, Ian.T Anne's words on the spirit world:-
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