A Beach Party

A Beach Party (Digit in USA)

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Having a link beyond others graves
Digit curtailed his killing ways
it would be easy to carry on later
an appointment with like friends

a beach party he had to attend
From Washington he caught a flight
Canoe Island lodge came into sight
In the middle of the moons last phase

Digit had some preparing to do
long pig was on the menu, not a stew.
A small beach with foot clinging sand
Broad smile on his face as he walked the land

Moonlight fading silvered the place he sought.
Where his friends would come to feast
Killer and Nevermore to say the least.
Wood thrown up cold and white

would make a fire to fill the night.
Just a night or so they would be there.
A clearing just off the sandy line,
He and his friends would soon dine

Digit noticed during the next day
A Pig came in for a week’s stay.
The long pig was waiting good and fresh.
I know beef you hang for a week or so

Long Pig you just kill and go
Nevermore had known the score,
Digit saw her sunning on the shore.
All we needed was Killer to arrive

To talk there would have been a no,
we had to kill, eat talk, and go.
Later that day Killer was spotted at the bar
A lean man sporting a large fine scar

Not drinking just eying up those standing there.
“Welcome my friend” Digit said to him,
a distant look was all, apart from a cold grin.
The trio had made their rendezvous

The evening came and a walk was due
Digit led, the others followed him soon.
A casual word spoken in passing by
No need to connect with the others eye

The waning moon was slowly sinking away
in the darkness they made their way.
The selected beach was just the thing
Sitting close on the beach that night

a chance to talk of each other’s plight.
First to relate was our lovely Nevermore
talking of her bad times from years before.
Then a peace settled over the three.

The two seasoned killers they nearly cried
at the year in year out torment she did hide
They talked of better things a while
Then Killer started, this made them smile

Flashing knives, bodies so many gone.
A spree that eclipsed the other two,
the others had to be careful they knew.
Digit took his turn, another world to learn

where parents had a young mind to burn.
Lovely people to the hereafter did go.
At the whim of this now mindless soul
he killed them both without any feeling.

When and who would make this kill
they knew it wouldn’t be done for a thrill
So they combined their ways just so.
Nevermore would tempt the pig to the beach

the other two would see the task within reach.
That evening as the darkness came
at the bar seemingly without shame
Nevermore enchanted the menus meat.

Out onto the beach to hide from view
Killer asked Digit to carry out the kill.
Muttering about American goodwill
Digit smiled as he moved in for the kill

It was sweet, a dark glistening blade.
Moving to the place where Nevermore rested
the pig at her side, she wasn’t interested.
They gathered their food with a sort of pride

Carrying the pig away to the clearings hide
The three knew it was now time to eat.
Clearing the tracks from off of the beach
The fire crackled, flames to the stars did reach

For the stop over pig on the beach down there,
if he was missed there would be such a scare
No one would look for him that night.
The next day if they found the remains

a few scorched bones some burnt flesh, no brains
Digit took his usual trophy of the day
a pinkie cut off that to most would say
Digit had arrived and was now at home.

Killer just smiled, and let him be
someone else would pay just you see.
The trio feasted throughout the night
in the morning they would take flight.

Nevermore, Killer, and Digit knew the score.
The meeting had brought them new friends,
yet a cure for each, there was no end.

Nevermore of Carrie fame,
Killer from a guy called Gee,
then Digit from me,
A killing trio as bad that has ever been,
Holidaying together on a beach so clean,
until they had finished their meal,
such carnage never before seen, Maybe???

About Yenti

Ian T Howard Born in the village of Hawkeridge Wiltshire in March 1942 into a family of eight, memories of these early years can be dated to, June 6th 1944, I remember the sky filled with aircraft,. My Sister was born on the 22nd of June that year and made are family up to ten. Our family was Mother and Father four boys and four girls, so you can guess that we had a great time, though our style of life was limited to our income. I could read at a very early age of three, I think that this was the grounding for my imagination, and ability to write. My writing started more during my senior school years, with the entry of one of my bits, as I call them, into the school magazine, of Matravers School of Westbury Leigh Wiltshire. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15, and started writing in an exercise book, this I still have, one of my poems in there is the Valley, made from early days of playing around the countryside, when a small hole in the ground became a canyon. . Over the years of writing and changes in life, having my own family grow up around me, and then the parting of the ways as some families do. Also the passing on of my parents, two sister's and two brother's, having their influence on my thoughts. Then remarrying into a loving state, that has Spiritual connections, my writing has evolved into a wide variety of works that reflect my interpretation of the things around, not only in a factual way, but sometimes with a deep philosophical outlook with a soul to each and everything. I have through the connection I have with the Spiritualism side of my present life, recorded a great number of talks with the Spirit world as they are related to me, most times through Anne my wife who is an International Medium. These talks with spirit are recorded from semi trance times, when there is a connection between the two worlds, mostley when the Spirit girl Sadie comes through to talk to us using the Mediums voice, there are other Spirits that come through but this will be clear as we carry on through the tapes day by day, I will leave you to be at peace with all things. Here is an intro to my wife Anne and the influences that spirit has on our lives and the way that the children communicate with me, Yours, Ian.T Anne's words on the spirit world:-
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